Auto Dialer for Recruitment and HR

It is a myth that Auto dialers or CRM are for the sales process only. As the world is changing and we are more connected digitally, it makes sense to

I do not have a Budget

I am working as a sales agent in a Call Centre. Regularly, we have a few targets to meet. Of course, my job role is to make calls and sell

Power Import Leads to Calley Auto Dialer App

When we started Calley, our subscribers’ the biggest challenge was how to load and distribute numbers to the calling list. We created a CSV file (kind of Is with unlimited records)

8 Ways to Overcome Sales Objections…

A sales objection is a reply by a lead that prevents the advancement of that lead to your sales process’s next level. Or In layman terms. It is the reason why I

What are the Different Types of Auto-Dialing Modes?

An auto dialer software allows you to call your prospects using different dialling modes. Different calling modes help you to manage different requirements. Dialing modes of Calley Automatic Call Dialer 1. Predictive Dialing The