Introducing Integration Centre - No Code Integrations of third party applications with Calley Automatic Call Dialer

Calley – Automatic Call Dialer now features an updated Integration Centre, offering new ways to connect Calley with other applications. This is available for both Calley PRO and Calley TEAMS subscribers.

The Integration Centre is a place where you can make Calley work together with different apps. For example, you can set up automatic lead imports using tools like Zapier, Pabbly Connect, and You can also link Google Sheets to Calley to manage leads from various sources like Facebook Ads or your own Google Sheets.

Let's explore what you can do in Calley:

google sheet

Create Call list with Google Sheets

Easily bring in leads to the Calley Web Panel by linking your Google Account. Select the Google Sheets you want, and all the phone numbers listed there will automatically appear in your Web Panel. This feature is great for importing leads from places by integrating Google Sheets to your CRM, Facebook Leads, or your own website.

Custom Field

Customs Fields

Customize the fields which you require according to your needs. You can set this up in the Integration Centre under Custom Fields. These fields come in handy when importing large amounts of data or during calls using the Calley App.

google sheet

Sync Post Call Feedback with Google Sheets

Want all your call details in one place? This feature syncs call information like feedback, notes, and call date & time automatically to a Google Sheets. This makes creating custom reports easy, without needing to download data into Excel.


Calley Webhooks

This is a tool for instantly sharing data with your CRM. If you need call details sent to your server or CRM, you can use Webhooks by simply entering the Webhook URL in the Calley Web Panel.

Call Recordning

Call Recording Sync

This feature saves all your call recordings in Google Drive, linked to the respective phone numbers in the Web Panel. It’s useful for reviewing calls made by your team, helping with training and quality assurance.

Web Api

Calley Web API

For those who want to create their own custom integration with the Calley Web Panel, our Web APIs allow easy data exchange. You can find more information on how to do this in our API Documentation.

zapier logo

Zapier Integration

Zapier, a well-known automation tool, now works with Calley. It lets you connect Calley with over 5000 other apps, making data exchange straightforward. Examples includes:

zoho crm

Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho CRM users can now integrate with Calley to import leads and sync call details back to Zoho CRM seamlessly.

Filtered Field

Auto Distribution of Filtered Leads

This feature assigns important leads to selected agents based on feedback, optimizing lead management.


Hubspot Integration

Hubspot, a popular CRM, now integrates with Calley. This feature allows for the direct import of leads from Hubspot to Calley and vice versa.

In conclusion, Calley's Integration Centre offers numerous ways to streamline and enhance your lead management and calling processes. These features are designed to be user-friendly and help make your work more efficient.

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