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AutoDialer on Steroids
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An Automatic Calling App Dialer for Individual Sales Person

Calley PRO is an ultimate lead hunting tool for solopreneurs who want just a single licence for calling. It comes with fabulous features which makes your calling hassle-free and manages your data with ease.

How is Calley PRO different from Calley Personal?

Calley Personal is a Free Automatic Call Dialing Solution that we offer with certain limitations. It is restricted to a single list, you can add 50 calls in the list and do up to 25 calls in a day. 

With Calley PRO there are no restrictions with additional benefits of using customisable Call Dispositions, Power Import, Uninterrupted Calling Mode and more.

Calley Personal on Steroids

Calley is the ultimate tool for inside sales teams. An automatic call dialing app coupled with a Free CRM to manage your leads prospecting. It comes with fabulous features which makes your calling hassle-free and manages your data with ease.

Multiple Lists

Load multiple lists in your panel at once. It saves you round trip of loading data again and again.

No Call Limits

Each list allows you to load 500 numbers at once, you have no limit on how many numbers you call.

SMS Templates

Create SMS templates from your web panel, which gets synced with your mobile app automatically.

Call Disposition

Create different post call feedback templates from your web panel. It helps you segregate prospects better.

Call Pausing

Option to pause a list at any time as per your requirement. You can resume same list or load a different one.

Automatic Reminders

Get notifications for scheduled calls directly on your mobile phone. You can also see that data in your web panel.

Do Not Disturb

Why call someone and get penalised. Calley allows you to manage your DND list right from your web panel.

Auto Speed Dial

Upload your list, then press “start dialing” Contact’s information pops up so you know who you are speaking to.

Mobile Friendly

No landlines required! Just Android & Apple mobile phones. Boot-up your app & start making calls. FAST!

Sales Pitch Script

With auto dialing on your phone you can open your sales script & refer to the same while speaking to prospects.

Cool-Off Timer

After every call the agents get time to take notes or prepare for the next call. They are more productive than burnt.

Data Security

Get an account for yourself or a team of your agents. The Calley does not restrict no. of calls or agents in a panel.

No Telemarketing Delays

Your contact won’t hear that awkward “hello, hello” or worse, silence before hearing your voice.

Custom Reporting

Get a quick review of your call lists, agents or call dispositions right from a cloud hosted the web panel.

API Integration

Calley offers you 3 ways to integrate with your CRM - Open API, Web hooks and Zapier Integration

App Mode

Now call automatically using skype, textnow or google voice.

Whatsapp Only Mode

Allows you to send messages to a list of contacts using WhatsApp

Call Recording

Record outbound calls (3rd party call recorders) & sync using Google Drive.

Different Auto Dialing Modes Supported By Calley?

Calley AutoDialer App converts your regular mobile phone into a Call Center. You can start running your outbound calling campaigns in minutes. 

Power Dialing

Dial numbers automatically one by one.

Call numbers in your list sequentially. Just load the list of numbers you wish to call & CalleyACD will dial them automatically for you.  

Preview Dialing

You see the number and click to call.

A Dialing mode where you can see a list of numbers you wish to call. You can click on the number you desire to call.

App Dialing

Autodial using third party apps too.

An Auto Dialing mode which allows you to call using multiple third party apps like Google Voice, Skype, Zoiper, Textnow and more.

Uninterrupted Mode

No Distractions just keep dialing automatically.

An Auto Dialing mode with no distraction or feedback requests. Just keep dialing and speak to your leads in realtime.

Whatsapp Only Mode

Automate Whatsapp Message sending using CalleyACD.

A mode that allows you to send out Whatsapp Messages to your list of users right from your mobile phone.  

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“Wow its Awesome App for Sales Calls, amazing, will use it daily for my sales calls, it will save me a lot of time calling new leads.easy to use interface, easy to upload the leads. Superb Team Calley.”

Oliver Mendes

“Very helpful app for sales team, all calls are automated and report send on mail. Do you have an iOS version coming up. Keep up the good work. Thanks Team Calley, superb product.”

Martin Dobbins

“Absolutely Superb, clean, quick and does exactly what it says. Lovely design and great features. I use it daily and it keeps my calls organised and on time. It’s very simple an easy to use.”

Jacob Nolan

"Using this software can lead to amazing Productivity. I was a manual dialer using skype making 100-150 calls in 8 hr. With this software one can make 600-700 calls in same 8 hrs"

Jathniel Rebaya

"Useful app and it has all i need. For Agents, distribution of leads, Reports and also the Trial. I will subscribe after the trial. Thanks customer support for very accommodating."


"I use this to do my cold calls for my marketing business and this is exactly what I was hoping to find. This makes things so much easier. I'm really in business now. I'm so grateful for this."

Frequently asked questions about Calley PRO

How is Calley Pro different from Calley Personal?

Calley PRO is an Unlimited calling plan with additional features like multiple calling modes, unlimited calling lists and many more features.

I have more than one mobile phone can I login to Calley on multiple mobile phones?

Calley PRO subscription allows you login to a single device be it a Android phone or an iPhone.

I have more than one agent who makes call. Should I take 2 packs of Calley PRO?

If you have more than one agent who makes calls on behalf of your business then the best plan to go with is Calley Teams. It will give you better control over the team under a single account.

Can I use it to call overseas?

Yes. You can use Calley to call any country in the world. You have to upload the numbers in your web panel, and you can use your mobile service provider to make calls in any part of the world.

Can I mask my number or use a burner number with Calley?

All Calley calls are routed through your GSM / Mobile Sim card. The person you called will see the caller ID of the number allotted to that sim card. If you have a Dual Sim Phone, you use your second number to make calls using Calley; that way, your personal number will not be shared with the leads you are calling.

Can the lead call me back?

Yes. Since you are calling from your number, the lead you have called can call you back on the same number in case of a missed call.

Will this work in the EU, US, UK, Poland or any country?

Calley works in all countries of the world. Since it is a mobile app on your phone, it saves you the hassle of manually dialling numbers. You can use it on an Android or iPhone to make calls automatically.

Is there a per-call charge I have to pay?

There are no hidden fees or per-call charges for calling using Calley Autodialer. Suppose you subscribe to Calley Personal Plan, which allows 25 daily calls. You will only have to pay the bill that your mobile service provider may impose for making calls.

Can I send a pre-recorded message?

No. Calley does not support voice blast messages or voice messages. It is created for agents and business users who want to call and speak with their leads.

Does Calley offer integrations with CRM or a Zapier Integration?

Calley is built on Rest APIs, so you can transfer data using API or Zapier Integration.

Can I use Calley on my desktop?

Calley has two parts: a web panel that helps you load and manage data for calling and a mobile app for Android / iOS phones. You can see the list of calls on the Web Panel and click on the desired number to make a call. At that point, the Web Panel will automatically trigger a call from the Calley App installed on your mobile phone.

Does Calley support Call Recording?

Call recording is available for Android phones using the Calley Rec app or third-party apps that record calls. The recordings are saved on the mobile phone and can be synced with the web panel using Google Drive.

Can I send Whatsapp messages or SMS using Calley?

Yes, Calley allows you to create message templates with variables you can send to the lead after your call.

Does Calley supports VOIP calls?

Yes. You can use the App Mode of Calley to make VOIP calls. It can do integration with Zoiper, Textnow, Skype or Google Voice.

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