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Wish to do more than just calling,
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Do more with Calley than just Calling

Calley PRO is an ultimate tool for solopreneurs who want just a single licence for calling. It comes with fabulous features which makes your calling hassle-free and manages your data with ease.  


Multiple Lists

Load multiple lists in your panel at once. It saves you round trips of loading data again and again.

No Call Limits

Each list allows you to load 500 numbers at once, you have no limit on how many numbers you call.


SMS Templates

Create SMS templates from your web panel which gets sync with your mobile app automatically.

Call Disposition

Create different post call feedback templates from your web panel. It helps you segregate prospects better.


Call Pausing

Option to pause a list at any time as per your requirement. You can resume same list or load a different one.

Automatic Reminders

Get notifications for scheduled calls directly on your mobile phone. You can also see that data in your web panel.

Calley Personal on STEROIDS

Calley PRO is your Calley Personal account with more features. The added functionalities like SMS Templates, Call Disposition and Automatic Reminders, boosts your chances of conversions while managing calling data efficiently.  

Getting Started
with Calley PRO


Create an account for your self by signing up using your email id. Your account is created instantly and you are redirected to your dashboard. 


Download CSV

Once you are on your dashboard. Create a new list in which you are going to load numbers. Download the sample CSV file to load numbers.

Understanding CSV File

Once you have downloaded the CSV file just check out for the fields you need to fill prior to uploading them back in your Calley Web Panel. 

Upload Numbers

Your CSV file is ready, Great cause now it is time to upload it against the list you created in your Calley Web Panel. Calley PRO allows you to create multiple lists in the same panel. You can load up to 500 numbers in each list. 

Call Disposition Templates

Call Disposition is a great way to categorise your prospects at the end of each call. With Calley PRO you can create disposition / feedback templates so that you just need to select them from the drop down at the end of each call.  

SMS Templates

What happens if your prospect did not pick up the call you did or if one of the prospect asked for location of the venue where you are doing an event. It is at times like these your SMS templates comes handy. Make them part of your sales script for better conversion. 

Download App

Your list is set, you can see numbers to call in your Calley Web Panel. Whats next! just download the Calley Mobile App from the play store. Login using you account credentials to sync numbers you just loaded to a list in Calley Web Panel. 

Calling Lists & Sync

Once logged in you can sync numbers to call. Since you are using Calley PRO you have multiple lists with 500 numbers in each at your disposal. 

Post Call Actions

You just finished calling a prospect. What all actions you can perform against this call so that it is categorised correctly and is a step further in your conversion cycle. 

Automatic Notifications

Calley PRO gives you automatic notifications of calls you have scheduled in future. No need to remember whom to call and when. Just wait for the reminders and be right on time to call always. 

Panel & Reports

Understanding Calley PRO panels and kind of data reports that you can see right from your web panel or mobile app.  

A Great Auto Dialer Tool

CALLEY is a great Auto Dialer Tool for start-ups, sales teams, HR companies, event companies or for YOU.

Save yourself from the hassles of manual dialing.

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