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Getting Started with Calley

Getting StartedSo you just signed up for your Calley account and want to know how you can make best of it. You are at the right place. Check out the links below for Getting Started videos for respective Calley Plans.Calley PERSONALA Free Forever plan for Calley, a...

How to create a Sales Script?

It’s embarrassing to be caught off-guard when reaching out to a prospect. This is why you should learn how to create a sales script.

Send Me More Information – a Boon or an Obstacle

This is a most common and safe approach which a prospects often use to end a sales conversation. Pretty early on in the cold call, many prospects will ask you, “Can you send me some more information? I’ll review it and get back to you." New sales persons readily...

Convert a Cold Call to Future Prospect

A COLD CALL is the most dreadful task for a sales representative. We might have removed the pain of dialing manually but the agony of rejection by a total stranger still persists. Successful Sales Representative are not moved by this rejection and continue doing the...

A Great Auto Dialer Tool

CALLEY is a great Auto Dialer Tool for start-ups, sales teams, HR companies, event companies or for YOU.

Save yourself from the hassles of manual dialing.

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