The 3-Step Sales Objections Handling Framework

What is a sales objection? It is natural for salespeople to encounter objections during the sales process. An objection is simply a reason why a prospect does not wish to purchase

Power Import Leads to Calley Auto Dialer App

When we started Calley, our subscribers’ biggest challenge was how to load and distribute numbers to the calling list We created a CSV file (kind of an xls with unlimited records)
Autodial using mobile

Autodial using Mobile Phone & Sim Card

What if we tell you that we can convert your existing mobile phone (Android or iOS) into a powerful autodialer & Lead reach out tool You do not need to set
PC dialing

PC Dialing using Mobile Sim Card

Though portable Mobile Phone Screens are small & with Calley, we offer you the option of PC Dialing using your Mobile Sim Card 🙂 Mobile screens are portable and allow you
PC dialing using VOIP SIP 1

PC Dialing using VOIP & SIP

You have a Virtual Assistant (VA) in THE PhilIppines, & you want the calls to be done in the USA for Appointment Bookings. Calley has you covered 🙂 Calley now integrates