What if we tell you that we can convert your existing mobile phone (Android or iOS) into a powerful autodialer & Lead reach out tool 

You do not need to set up servers or buy minutes to start auto-dialing campaigns in your city or country. Yes, with Calley, you can use your existing mobile phone to start making calls automatically. All you need is to Download Calley App on your mobile and set it up for Autodialing.

Start auto dialing using your Mobile Phone & Sim Card in 2 minutes. 

For the purpose of showing you the Maximum Capabilities of Calley, we are using a Calley PRO Single User plan for this article. 

Signup for a Calley Account

If you are an existing user, you can log in to your account on Calley by visiting the URL - https://app.getcalley.com, while if you are a new user, you can register yourself for a Calley Account using the URL - https://app.getcalley.com/registration.aspx

01 Signup calley

Go to Dashboard & Configure

Once you have registered or logged in you reach to the dashboard from where you can configure the following. 

Calling List 
Call Feedbacks / Dispositions
Email SMTP
02 Dashboard 1

Create a Calling List

Creating a calling list is mandatory; this is the collection of leads on which you or an agent of your team will make outbound calls. You can import them thru...

Power Import Mode - You select a list of 100,000 leads in XLS and import them to Calley. The mode gives you the flexibility of mapping values in your xls file with the fields available in Calley.  
Google Sheet Import Mode - You can connect a Google sheet with the Calley Calling List and set it for an auto-update / import of leads when a new record is added to the Google Sheet. 
03 Call List drop down

Do a Power Import of Leads 

Provide a new list name and select the sheet (xls, xlsx, csv file) that you want to upload to the panel. 

04 1 Power Import
04 2 Power Import
04 3 Power Import
04 4 Power Import

Create Call Feedback or Dispositions

Once the list is uploaded, head to the creation of Call Dispositions. You can create unlimited dispositions but they are categorized in to 4 major types. 

Not Connected
Not Interested
05 1 Feedback
05 2 Feedback

Head towards your mobile & Download Calley App

As you set up the web panel, you can now continue downloading and installing the Calley Autodialing Mobile App on your mobile phone. 

download calley app store

Login to THE calley Autodialer App using your credentials. 

As you have downloaded the app, log in using the same login credentials as that of the web panel. As you log in, the app will request you for certain permissions to work correctly. Please approve them. 

07 1 Mobile Login
07 3 Permissions

Load your calling list

As you approve, you are taken to the dashboard, from where you can load the calling list. 

08 1 Load List
08 3 Select List

Start Calling Now

As the list is loaded successfully, you can start calling. Calley offers you different calling modes to choose from when making calls from a mobile phone. You can choose Standard Mode to start with.

Standard Mode
Uninterrupted Mode
App Mode
Whatsapp Mode
09 Start Calling
09 2 Select Calling Modes

Update Feedback / Disposition at the end of the call

As the call finishes Calley offers you a prompt to update Call Dispositions, Send SMS, Send Email, Send Whatsapp, Set numbers as DND, or Schedule the call for future.  

Post Call Feedback Screen

Actions todo at the End of a Call

Call Feedback / Dispositions
Send SMS 
Send Email
Schedule your call in future
Call Notes
Redial Same Number
Mark the number as DND
Go to next number in the list

Understanding Reports in Calley Web Panel 

As you are doing calls the Calley Mobile App is syncing data of the calls done with the Web Panel so that your data is available for a deeper analysis. 

12 1 Dashboard
12 2 Call Summary
12 3 Call Details
12 4 Raw Call Data
12 5 Gamification

Start Autodialing Using Calley SIM Based Auto Dialer

With all these features and options to AutoDial using your own mobile sim card, Calley converts your mobile phone into a powerful Auto Dialing Machine. Use Calley for Sim-Based Autodialing and Get Started in 2 Minutes. 

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Do you want to Subscribe to a Free Auto Dialer with a limit of 25 calls per day?


We would love to answer all your questions to get you started with Autodialing using The Calley Auto Dialer app.