Say NO! to
manual dialling

Introducing “CALLEY” an automatic call dialler for businesses and individuals who call in bulk. Call your prospects or friends for a promotion or an event without dialling.

Say YES to Auto Call Dialling

Calling is one of the ways you keep a check if your prospected lead is still warm. Being a startup or a small business you always have less time to call and more things to do. On top of that, calling each prospect manually is a loss of time and effort if the call goes unanswered.

Create an Account

Create your free CALLEY account using a valid email address by clicking on the Signup link.

Load Numbers

Upload an .csv of numbers you can call on your web panel and sync it with your mobile app.

Start Calling

Click “Start Calling” in your mobile app.  It calls numbers in your list one by one Automatically.

Why do I need an Auto Call Dialler

“CALLEY is essentially an automatic call dialler created to call multiple people without dialling their numbers manually”

Anyone who has ever done or been part of a sales team knows the importance of a Telephonic call. It is more personalised than an email. Dialling numbers manually can be daunting and CALLEY comes to the rescue by allowing you to call multiple numbers without dialling them manually.

A Great Auto Dialer Tool

CALLEY is a great Auto Dialer Tool for start-ups, sales teams, HR companies, event companies or for YOU.

Save yourself from the hassles of manual dialling.

How It Works

People using Calley have seen increase in productivity by 225%



Signup for your Calley Account from your PC, also download the Calley app on your Android Phone


Download File

Once logged in to your web panel Download the CSV file to upload numbers.


Upload Numbers

Upload the CSV file in a list created on your Calley Web Panel. 


Sync & Call

Login to your Android App, sync the list to call and Start Calling without Dialling. 

Happy Customers & Counting!

“Wow its Awesome App for Sales Calls, amazing, will use it daily for my sales calls, it will save me a lot of time calling new leads.easy to use interface, easy to upload the leads. Superb Team Calley.”


“Very helpful app for sales team, all calls are automated and report send on mail. Do you have an iOS version coming up. Keep up the good work. Thanks Team Calley for a superb product.” OLIVER MENDEZ

“Absolutely Superb, clean, quick and does exactly what it says. Lovely design and great features. I use it daily and it keeps my calls organized and on time. It’s simple an easy to use.” MARTIN DOBBINS

Calley is a quite affordable app that has a fairly efficient system that makes working in the office a lot more easier. Customer support is quite responsive. I love it, keep building. ADAM

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