Auto Dialer Software

Do you wonder what is an Autodialer Software?

Many claims to be the best autodialer software, but have you ever wondered what exactly is an AutoDialer Software or App?

auto dialer software
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Do you wonder what is an Autodialer Software?

Let's start with the definition of an Autodialer.

An autodialer is a special type of an outbound calling software that helps you dial out a list of your contacts, leads automatically.  You do not need to dial their numbers but the software does the dialing for you.

What are the different types of Autodialer Software?

As you start to plan an outbound calling campaign you have to choose from what is actually you want to achieve.

Do you want to call and speak to the lead in person.
Do you want your lead to hear a pre-recorded message when they pick up a call.

This is an important step for you to plan as your autodialing campaign dynamics will change on the basis of your selection of the above points.

What is Predictive Dialing or Power Dialing?

Predictive, Power or Preview dialing are different outbound dialing modes used by an autodialer software.

Predictive Dialing - This usually needs a server hardware which will make calls on behalf of the agents. It calls multiple numbers at once and as the call gets connected it will look for the available agent to speak with the lead waiting. It's more like a blast of calls done by a server. The lead waits for the agent to join the call. It is good if you have a huge data of unfiltered numbers which you just want to validate.

Power Dialing - In this mode the dialing software will go sequentially to make calls and works dedicated for a single agent. The agent is always connected and there is no wait time for the lead. A great way for getting conversions as a real person is greeted by a real agent. It is good if you are looking for new leads and willing to provide a more personal touch to get better conversion.

Preview Dialing - A dialing mode which involves manual intervention. The agent can see a list of numbers he wants to call and he can call them by clicking on one number at a time. He is not dialing but just clicking on the number to make a call. It is great in case you have pre-qualified leads or doing a followup call.

Different Auto Dialing Modes Supported By Calley?

Calley AutoDialer App converts your regular mobile phone into a Call Center. You can start running your outbound calling campaigns in minutes. 

Power Dialing

Dial numbers automatically one by one.

Call numbers in your list sequentially. Just load the list of numbers you wish to call & CalleyACD will dial them automatically for you.  

Preview Dialing

You see the number and click to call.

A Dialing mode where you can see a list of numbers you wish to call. You can click on the number you desire to call.

App Dialing

Autodial using third party apps too.

An Auto Dialing mode which allows you to call using multiple third party apps like Google Voice, Skype, Zoiper, Textnow and more.

Uninterrupted Mode

No Distractions just keep dialing automatically.

An Auto Dialing mode with no distraction or feedback requests. Just keep dialing and speak to your leads in realtime.

Whatsapp Only Mode

Automate Whatsapp Message sending using CalleyACD.

A mode that allows you to send out Whatsapp Messages to your list of users right from your mobile phone.  

What is the best auto dialer solution for Sales guys?

I am a Sales Guy myself and nothing beats a call with your prospect. It is personal, it is connecting, it is for Real which solves so many questions and gaps. Having said that my preferred software to auto dial will be the one that can help me.

Find new leads from a huge list of contacts I might have to qualify them.
Help me prospect and save dispositions (fancy way of calling feedbacks) at the end of each call.
Allow me to share information if needed via sms or email. Whatsapp will be fantastic.
Helps me keep a track of calls I schedule in future.
Though I am always on top of the things it will be great if it can remind me of the scheduled call few minute before it is due.
Retains a history of calls that I did which I can see at any time.
Gives me reporting on what I have done and what I have to do with conversion factors i.e. how many leads I can expect towards closure in my list.
It should take backups itself, I should not worry about loosing my data due to my computer crash, virus etc.
It should not bind me to a desk or a computer I like to be on a go or walk around when I am on call. It helps me think & loose calories 🙂

What is a Call Center AutoDialer Software & the features it offers?

A Call Center AutoDialer solution is a more advanced version of an autodialer software. Since a call center will have multiple agents reporting to Team Leads there is a hierarchy to be followed. There will be 3 levels of user types.

TEAM ADMIN - He is usually the Super Boss who needs reporting for all the teams on his tips.
TEAM LEADER - The user next to the Super Boss who manages a team, assign work to that team and reviews work status.
AGENTS - These are executives who actually dial and speak to the lead. These are the one's who are winning or loosing a sale.

If I am the Super Boss of this call center then I will want my agents to have the same features that I will want for myself as a sales guy.

Since there is a hierarchy to follow I will want the following with for my team leader.

An easy way for the team leader to load and distribute leads to the agents.
A transparent way for him to see the reports of what work is done by which agent.
A way for him to filter reports to fine qualified leads vs discarded leads.
If he can re-churn data on basis of the feedbacks / dispositions it will be wonderful.

Is AutoDialer a good way to create leads for business?

Yes, for the love of god, YES!

We are in the 21st century. There are so many talks about Automation, AI and Machine learning. In this age if someone comes and asks this question it looks redundant.

A simple analogy will be the right way to answer this question.

Can I use a knife?

Yes you can and you should, there is no need to cut veggies with your hands.

Can i use the knife to poke someone?

Seriously! NO. It will not only hurt the person but also put you on the wrong side of the law.

An auto dialer is definitely a fantastic way of generating new leads but if you abuse it by calling numbers without doing any research or sending out bulk voice messages you should expect little success.

What is the use of an Autodialer Software?

An autodialer software as the name suggests is built to help you on to dial a list of numbers.

Now the application of such a solution is practically unlimited.

You can think of multiple scenario's in different business types.

To name a few let's say:

You are are a sales person who just came back from an exhibition where you had a huge footfall. You now want to followup with these leads to convert.
You are a realestate consultant who calls and convert those looking to sell off their properties or those planning to buy new properties.
You are a HR professional or a company looking to do candidate validation or headhunting for a profile.
You are a marketer who generates leads out of Facebook /Google ads and you want to reach-out to those leads progressing them to the nextstep in your sales funnel.

The applications are practically limitless, you can think of your own scenario's to get most out of an auto dialling software.

Check out how businesses in multiple verticals are using Calley - Call Center Software to drive conversions in their line of business.

What are the important factors in Autodialer Software?

When talking about productivity enhancements using Autodialer software for your outbound calling process, these will be 3 factors that stand out according to me:

Lead management - What I mean by this is that how fast does the software allows me to distribute or load leads into the panel. Why I rate this higher because the autodialers, when used with Teams, become cumbersome with multiple lists and numbers to load. At this time, a feature like Power Import helps me to ensure an equal distribution of leads amongst all the agents.
Portability - In the current world, we no longer need software that restricts us to our desk. Landlines are long gone, and the mobile phone is our preferred means of communication. So my auto dialer solution should also work on my mobile phone.
Reporting - Though my agents are portable the only way for me to manage the whole show efficiently is if I have great reporting. I should know the work that is pending, work that is done, and hot leads.

These are the most important features, according to me required in the Autodialer app.

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