Calley Call from Browser

Do not waste time on manual dialing for leads that you find on the internet. Use Calley to do that for you automatically. 


Are you looking out to find new leads to grow your business? 

Many times in the need for a new business, we go online and search for potential customers. These are entirely new people we do not know and are not sure if our services could be used. But it does not hurt them to call just once to check if they are interested in your offering how it can be mutually beneficial to both you and them. 

Now, this is where the problem starts...

You might have found a paying customer, but the process of calling them is daunting and time-consuming. You see their numbers, then reach out to your phone, type the number and then make a Call. The process is inefficient, time taking, and laborious. 

That is WHY you will Fail at this... wait NO MORE...

Facing this issue myself many times, I realized that I need a solution that can help me make calls to these leads and some way by which I can rechurn them, keep the status of the calls, and have them added to my CRM.


How is Calley Call from Browser Works?

All you need to do is visit the Chrome Web Store and download the Calley Call from Browser extension in your Chrome Browser.

  • Install the Calley extension.
  • Login to your Calley Pro or Teams Agent account.
  • In your browser, select  the number you wish to call.
  • Right click and choose - Call using Calley.

P.S. It is only available to Calley PRO & Calley Teams Subscribers at this time.  

Call using Calley from Browser

Getting Started with
Calley Call using Browser.

A step-by-step guide is there to understand how you can start using Calley by Call Using Browser and speak with more leads without dialing their numbers manually.

Install the extension

Visit the Google Chrome extension store to download and install the Calley Call from Browser extension on your Chrome Browser. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

Login to your account

Once installed, you need to login to the extension with the same login username and password as your Calley Web Panel / Mobile App. Please note this functionality is only available to Calley PRO / Team Agents.

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Ensure Connectivity

Since you will be sending a request from your desktop/laptop browser to your mobile, ensure that they are connected to a stable Internet Connection.

Select and Right Click

Select the number you wish to call and right-click on the same to choose Call using Calley.

Speak to the Lead

You can speak to the number you just called, and it will be automatically added to your list of Called numbers both in your web panel and in your mobile app. 


Do not wait to grow your business. 

Whatever they say, there is always a way to grow your business.
It is up to you how you can take it to the next level. Call more to Convert more.

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