What is Calley?

Calley is a Cloud-Based Automatic Sales Dialer Software

Unlike other server-based automatic call dialers, Calley is a cloud-based automatic call dialer app. It has two components: a web-based control panel & an android / iOS mobile phone app. You can load leads to call from your web panel & dial the numbers automatically from the mobile app.

what is calley
What is Calley Auto Dialer
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Calley is the Best Sales Auto Dialer App

Before we created Calley, we were ourselves looking for a Sales Dialer which can help us call our prospects in mass. The challenge we faced was, solutions were available either on Browser only or on Mobile only mode. The issue with this approach was that the Browser Only Solutions were doing calls on SIP / VOIP, thus charging per minute over the regular subscription. On the other hand, the Mobile Only Solutions were too difficult to work with as they expected a call campaign to be created through the small mobile screen. Costs were also a concern as we wanted a solution with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

Searching for a solution, we realised there is a need for a Sales Auto Dialer which has its control panel in the cloud and has a mobile app to do the calling. 

Hence, we created Calley, a Cloud-Based Sales Auto Dialer App. It has two components. 

web panel calley

A Web based panel in the cloud

Part 1

A cloud-based web panel helps you manage your account, set up tasks effectively. It enables you to load numbers to call & review reports for the calls done. Web Panel syncs with your mobile app in real-time.

calley mobile app

A Mobile App for your phone

Part 2

A mobile app that you can download from Google or Apple Store. This app allows you to sync the call list uploaded on your web panel. This is where you are actually making calls & save feedback after a call.

Do you want to know how does Calley Automatic Dialer works?

Ok so Calley has two components but how do they actually work? Is it complicated to setup? How fast can I make my first call? 

If these are the questions you have in mind then let me tell you...

Save yourself from the hassles of manual dialing.