It is a myth that Auto dialers or CRM are for the sales process only. As the world is changing and we are more connected digitally, it makes sense to automate every department of your business to drive productivity. An auto dialer in a scenario like this is a boon for HR Agencies.

You want to know how?

OK, so let us say you are an HR agency…

What kind of work you do?

  • You look for the right candidate for a position (research).
  • You line up interviews with these candidates.
  • You send them instructions for the interview location and time.
  • You follow them up before the interview.
  • You follow them up after the interviews.
  • If hired, you follow them for confirmation.

If you see the below flow chart, an HR recruiter’s primary & ideal process is to fulfill a position.

Recruitment Process for Hiring 1024x879 1

What if we tell you that you can automate this workflow using any Job site, Excel, and Calley Auto dialer App.

How? Let me show you.

Step 1 → You have a position to fulfill.

You can go to the Calley web panel and create a calling list according to that position.

Step 2 → You research for the right candidate on Job portals.

You can shortlist the candidate details in the job portal to download it as an excel file. You can use this as XLS / CSV file to upload it to the Calley Web Panel to make calls.

Alternatively, if you wish to call the candidate there and then itself, you can do that by clicking the number. (You need to install Calley Call from Browser extension for that).

Step 3- Call the candidates.

If you have downloaded the list of candidates from your Job portal, you can upload it to Calley to make calls. Calley will dial these numbers for you automatically.

Step 4 – Data segregation.

You want to segregate candidates who are not interested or did not pick your call against those keen on the position. You can do that using Call dispositions / Call Feedbacks.

Step 5- Sharing Information.

During your call, there will be cases where candidates might want more information about the position. You may like to share an interview date with the candidate at the end of the call

You can do so by sending them an Email, Sms, or Whatsapp directly from your mobile app.

Step 6- Scheduling a call for the future.

As you shortlist a candidate for an interview, you can schedule a call with him in the future as a confirmation and a reminder for appearance.

While you are calling, the Calley Auto Dialer app will sync all your data with your web panel. If you use a CRM of your own, you can integrate Calley with the same so that you can make calls directly without ever leaving your CRM.

Using Calley for your Recruitment agency will not only same time but organize the work of your recruiters.