I am working as a sales agent in a Call Centre. Regularly, we have a few targets to meet. Of course, my job role is to make calls and sell my product and services.

When I sell our product in the market on call, many newbies, startup owners replies in the same way of rejecting it,” I don’t have a budget,” “I do not have a penny to spend,” and many more.

But my product is an object of investment, not an expenditure. Yes, initially, every business needs investment for betterment. Every time you cannot stick to an outdated strategy.

Still, 80-90% of business owners have this reply. I am not finding any way to deal with their sales objection all the time. I was feeling helpless and devasted.

Then, I thought of approaching my mentor, who is also in the same industry. He explained in points how to deal with sales objections:

  1. Please start with the base of the establishment cost of their challenges: Conversations and questions find the current costings. Then, ask for the budget, and do not get shocked; expect a NO.
  2. Go with the flow and explain: Stay calm as nothing happened. Just do it to avoid coming back again to the same. Continuity is a better option.
  3. Hold there: When they say NO, it does not mean it’s over. Tell them what if your problem get solves but costs you a million dollars. If you have a strong connection, it will hold them there itself.
  4. Allow them to be in a specific range: Indirectly try to set a range slowly like 100,000-400,000$. Now, find yourself in that range. Throw numbers to get the exact minimal range. And you will get a specific budget.
  5. Do not hang up until you get the specific budget: Before moving on with the proposal. It is the best way to save yourself from the pain than clarifying the budget.

Thus, any salesperson can easily handle this every day,” I do not have budget” sales objection.

I applied it on my calls, and it was unbelievable, but yes, I have started meeting my targets.

Surprisingly, my clients became happy with my responses. It’s been four months since I am using the same strategy for handling this sales objection.

I have found it worked like a wonder for my company and me. We have generated many hot leads and gained profit.

As a salesperson, I will advise every other salesperson to go with these tips and enjoy success after hard work.

It is the best way to overcome sales objections.

I hope as it worked for me, it will work for you. Try it and let us know. We will keep on posting how to handle other sales objections.

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