Autodial Unlimited USA Numbers using Calley & TextNow


Let’s say you live in India or Philippines, and you have your target audience in the USA where you want to make calls and book appointments or sales.


Let’s say you live in the USA and do not want to use your personal number to make calls to your leads.


There is one thing in common, you have a vast list to call, and you need a way to automate the calling process.

Worry NOT!

I have just the solution for you.
It is easy to use and cost-effective at the same time.

I am excited to announce that Calley integrates with TextNow enabling auto dialing of calls using TextNow.
You can say that Calley is not just an auto dialer app but also a TextNow Autodialer Solution.

Checkout the steps below to see how you can Autodial using TextNow.

Autodial Unlimited USA Numbers using Calley & TextNow

Step 1 - Login to Calley web panel.

autodial 1

Step 2 - Once you login you bought to Dashboard. Load a list you want to call.

autodial 2

Step 3 - Once the numbers are added to the list head to your mobile phone. In case you do not have the Calley app yet you can download it by clicking here.

autodial 3

Step 4 - Login to the app using the same credentials as of your web panel.

autodial 4

Step 5 - As you login you bought to dashboard.

autodial 5

Step 6 - Download TextNow app and set it as default dialler.

Step 7 - Load a list you want to call.

autodial 7

Step 8 - Click on start calling and select the Calling mode as App Mode.

autodial 8

Step 9 - If you already downloaded the TextNow app then before calling it will ask to choose an app to call. Select TextNow.

autodial 9

Step 10 - Call is done by Text Now

autodial 10

Step 11 - After a Call, update a feedback and click on next Call.

autodial 11


Using this feature, you can easily set up a remote contact centre for your business or mask your original number from being shown to the leads you call.

Start an International Call Center on your mobile

Wait no more if you want to target your clients in the USA.
Start a Call Center right from your mobile using Calley Call Center Software.

or you can contact us on [email protected] for an online demo.