What is a sales objection?

It is natural for salespeople to encounter objections during the sales process. An objection is simply a reason why a prospect does not wish to purchase your product or service. There are many reasons why people object to a product, ranging from concerns about price to doubts about its fit for their needs. A sales professional's job is to identify the real causes of objections and address them effectively.

Let me help you convert these sales objections into sales opportunities 🙂

Why do Buyers have Sales Objections?

The root cause of Sales Objection is Lack of Information.
Maybe the points were not covered in the initial meeting, or maybe it was not approved by the stakeholders (boss or wife), or perhaps the prospect is worried about the product fit for its requirement.

No matter how frustrating they may be, they are a positive sign in sales because they tell you exactly what is stopping them from making a purchase. When you identify the root cause of the objection, you can remove the obstacle and help the customer move forward.

It's important to remember that sales objections are not necessarily negative. This allows you to build trust and rapport with the prospect. Taking the time to understand the customer's perspective when answering objections demonstrates your commitment to their success, not just yours.

Check my 3-Step Objection Handling Framework

3 step sales objection handling framework

A strategic approach is required to handle sales objections effectively. No matter what kind of objection you're facing, this three-step framework can help you overcome it. The steps to take are as follows:

Empathize with your ProspectDemonstrate empathy by showing that you understand the prospect's concerns and perspective. It helps build trust and rapport between the parties.
Discover the Real Reason for the Objection - Dig deeper to discover what is motivating the objection. There is usually more to a problem than the initial objection.
Reframe the Conversation - Focus your message on how your solution can solve the prospect's underlying concerns and needs.

Converting Sales Objections to Sales Opportunities

Remember, the goal is not to force a prospect into a purchase. 

The real goal is to remove all the obstacles that are preventing them from making the decision and to move forward. 

As a Sales Professional, you need to have this Mindset Shift. Rather than considering a sales objection as a roadblock, consider it as an opportunity to understand your prospect's pain points, needs and concerns. 

Approaching an objection with empathy, curiosity and a problem-solving mindset is the only way to transform this obstacle into an opportunity.

Closing more Deals with Calley 🙂

A sales professional's ability to handle objections is a critical skill. You'll be able to handle any objection that comes your way by following the three-step framework outlined in this blog post - empathize, get to the truth, and reframe the conversation.

The sales objection should not be feared but rather used as an opportunity to demonstrate your value and guide your prospects towards a successful purchase.

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