Though portable Mobile Phone Screens are small & with Calley, we offer you the option of PC Dialing using your Mobile Sim Card 🙂

Mobile screens are portable and allow you to auto-dial from anywhere, but what if we told you that you could also do PC auto dialing using the same account? 

When calling within your country, mobile-based auto dialing is a cost-effective option. Mobile sim providers usually offer unlimited calls, so there is no additional or hidden cost beyond the local pulse fee.

Using this, you can autodial from the Calley web panel connected to the Calley mobile app installed on your mobile phone. 

Let us tell you how to configure Calley for PC Dialing or Desktop Autodialing...

To show you the Maximum Capabilities of Calley PC Autodialing Solution, we are using a Calley PRO Single User plan for this article. 

Signup for a Calley Account

Those with Calley accounts can log in at, while those who wish to register can do so at

Signup for an account on Calley AutoDailer

If it is a new account then, Go to Dashboard & Configure

You reach the dashboard after registering or logging in. From here, you can configure the following.

Calling List 
Call Feedbacks / Dispositions
Calley Web Panel Dashoard

Create a Calling List

You must create a calling list; this is the list of leads on which you or an agent will make outbound calls. They can be imported through...

Power Import Mode - Use Power Import Mode to import 100,000 leads into Calley. This mode allows you to map values in your Excel file to Calley fields.
Google Sheet Import Mode - Connect a Google Sheet with the Calley Calling List and have it auto-update / import leads when a new record is added.
Call List drop down

Do a Power Import of Leads 

Enter a new list name and select the sheet (xls, xlsx, csv) to upload.

Create a Calling List for Power Import
Map Fields for Power Import of Leads
Power Import Successful
List of Calling Lists created via Power Import

Create Call Feedback or Dispositions

As soon as the list has been uploaded, proceed to the creation of Call Dispositions. Dispositions can be created in an unlimited number, but they are categorized into four major types.

Not Connected
Not Interested
Link to Manage Feedbacks on Calley Dashboard
Create a Call Feedback / Dispositions

Head towards your mobile & Download Calley App

As you set up the web panel, you can now continue downloading and installing the Calley Autodialing Mobile App on your mobile phone. 

Download Calley App from Store
Install Calley from Android PlayStore
calley installed android phone

Your Calley Mobile App must also be logged in with the same credentials as your web panel. For Calley Autodialer App to work seamlessly, you must approve all permissions.

07 1 Mobile Login
07 3 Permissions

Ensure Connection between Web Panel & Calley App

As you go to the dashboard of the Calley Web Panel, ensure that your Calling Mode is set to "Mobile." This means that Calley will make calls using the SIM card installed in your mobile phone.   

Ensure Connection between Mobile App and Web Panel for PC Dialing
Call won't do PC Dialing in case the app is not connected

Go to the Calling List you wish to auto-call in the Web Panel

Once all the permissions are set and you are ready to start auto-dialing, head to the calling list you wish to auto-call from your desktop or PC.

Go to the Calling List that you want to Auto Dial
Calling List

Start Calling Now

To start the autodialing process click on the Phone icon in front of the number you wish to call as the first number in the calling list.

Click on Phone icon on Calling List Detail page to start PC Autodialing

The call is triggered from THE mobile app 🙂

Pressing the phone icon takes you to the Calling page, where you can see details about the call. On this page itself, you can update call status after your call has ended.

Call being made from PC via connected mobile app

Actions todo at the End of a Call 

Update Call Feedback / Call Dispositions
Send SMS to the Lead using SMS API 
Send an Email to the lead using the your own email server like Gmail or Outlook. 
Schedule your call in future
Call Notes
Redial Same Number
Mark the number as DND
Go to next number in the list
Post Call Feedback Page

Do more than just PC AutoDialing

Using Calley PC Dialing, you can not just autodial but take actions to create a deeper connection with your lead. Actions like - 

Sending SMS using Twilio API 
Send Email using SMTP and your own Email Address. 
Send WhatsApp messages using your Whatsapp Web Account. 
Schedule your call in the future

and as you click on the Green icon you are taken to the next call automatically. The system at the same time update the call data against the call made and updates it in the reporting available to you in the same web panel. 

Understanding Reports in Calley Web Panel 

As you call, the Calley Autodialer is also collating data to present you with reports at the end of the campaign. 

Dashboard showing latest calls done on leads
Call Summary Report that shows summary of calls done in last 2 days
Call Details Report that shows data of calls done in a period.
Raw Call Data for last 2000 calls made
Gamification Data for your Account

Start PC Autodialing Using Calley Auto Dialer App

Using these features of PC Autodialing using the Calley Autodialer App, you can start an Outbound Autodialing Campaign in minutes without the need for Fancy Hardware or a huge investment.

Start PC Autodialing using Calley PC Auto Dialer Software.

Checkout here > Pricing Plans for Calley Auto Dialer App
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We would love to answer all your questions to get you started with Autodialing using The Calley Auto Dialer app.