How to create a Sales Script?

How to create a Sales Script?

When doing sales call you need to create an environment where both you and your prospect are comfortable. A simple sales script can help you achieve this and empower you to have a natural conversation with your prospect.

Follow the below steps when creating a sales script

01 – Identify the product or service you would like to ultimately sell to the prospects.

This is the most important step as at this point you will need to identify the service you are selling and the best customer fit. You are creating your customer persona/profile in your mind.

02 – Find out information of prospect.

In this step, consider the different types of prospects you’ll be selling to. You can certainly create one sales script that works for every type of prospect — but it’s more effective to adapt your questions and points to the specific prospect.

03 – Identify Benefits for the specific prospect

List down how your product will help the specific prospect to grow business, increase productivity, reduce time and cut cost etc.

04 – Identify the Pain Points You Solve

Build a list of pain points to discuss by looking at the benefits you identified in the previous step. For each benefit, there is usually a related pain point that is resolved, minimized, or avoided.

05 – Create a List of Powerful Questions.

The best salesperson is the one who asks the best questions. To develop a strong list of questions, look at each pain point identified in point no. 4. Use one or two questions per pain point to determine if it’s a relevant challenge for the prospect

Here’s a sales script blueprint you can adapt, modify it as per your need:

Step 1: Introduction
Hello, I am Manish from “GetCalley”.

Step 2: Value Statement

I’m calling some businesses/start-ups in the area to find out if they are a good fit for our product, an automatic call dialler “Get Calley”

What we do is we provide companies/start-ups with “Get Calley” an automatic call dialler to call their database of prospects without spending too much time and effort.

Step 3: Response

If the potential customer says:

  • Yes”- I’d say, “Great! Tell me about your xyz process.”
  • Maybe”- I’d say, “Interesting. Tell me about your xyz process.”
  • No” – I’d say, “Okay. Tell me about your xyz process.”

Step 4: Qualifying


  • What is your current cold calling process?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How do you feel about the amount of time it currently takes you to call prospected leads?
  • How much delays in calling prospects to impact sales targets?

Keep in mind that it is always better to plan your sales call by creating a sales script. You will look dumb if you are caught off guard by your prospect which will surely lead to a loss of sales.

Happy Calling to You!

Send Me More Information – a Boon or an Obstacle

Send Me More Information – a Boon or an Obstacle

This is a most common and safe approach which a prospects often use to end a sales conversation.

Pretty early on in the cold call, many prospects will ask you,

“Can you send me some more information? I’ll review it and get back to you.”

New sales persons readily oblige and they send out the email, and that’s it. Maybe one or two follow-ups, and they file the lead away as a lost cause.

Why do you hear “Send Me More Information” objection?

These are some of the main reasons why you are most likely hearing the “Send me some information” objection at the close of your sale. When you have all these bases covered, you’ll drastically reduce or even eliminate this objection.

  • You aren’t speaking with the right person.
  • You didn’t clearly and concisely present the plan to the prospect.
  • You didn’t properly determine the prospects needs, expectations and budget.
  • The prospect is unclear how your solution will resolve their issues.

How do you get past “Send Me More Information” objection?

To get past this objection a sales person should ask for what information is needed and how it can be helpful. If you say

I’d be happy to send you some information. Could you spare a few minutes on the phone so I can best determine what information would be most useful?

With this question you are asking for a few seconds of their to answer the question in a “Yes” or a “No”

    One of the three will happen next 🙂

    If they don’t respond at all, you’ve lost nothing. You can still send some information (although it’s probably not going to matter)


    If they answer “NO”, then you know that this person probably isn’t a potential prospect and you’re probably wasting your time pursuing them.


    If they answer “YES”, then you’ve gotten a commitment. Then and only then do you attempt to set an appointment for the call.

    Keep in mind that “Send Me More Information” may be the next step in your sales script but the prospect qualifies only if you are putting this question to him. In case you reach to this position early in your call then it is an Objection to be dealt with. 

    Happy Calling to You!

    Convert a Cold Call to Future Prospect

    Convert a Cold Call to Future Prospect

    A COLD CALL is the most dreadful task for a sales representative. We might have removed the pain of dialing manually but the agony of rejection by a total stranger still persists.

    Successful Sales Representative are not moved by this rejection and continue doing the calls without overthinking about this rejection.

    Do they convert all the leads they call ? “NO”
    But certainly they have better conversion rates.

    What is it that makes them Successful?

    So let’s assume  you are a sales representative who just called a prospect. Which of the two scripts below, do you believe will help you convert more?

    Sales Script 01

    Sales Script 02

    Surely Script 2 will have higher chances of future conversion as compared to Script 1

    There are few things you can learn from the above scripts.

    If you have the email id of your prospect, you can use it effectively for future conversions.

    Your prospect may not need your services today but can become your customer in future or might refer you to another prospect.

    If the prospect doesn’t need your services / product today, it doesn’t mean they will never need it.

    A simple hack of asking an email id will help you create a sales pipeline from your first cold call onwards. It will also give you a sense of achievement as you are gaining something at the end of each call

    Happy Calling to You!