Call Pausing in Calley Autodialer

Breaks are Good!
They keep the creative energy flowing and saves you from the burn out. 
There are numerous studies that can support the concepts of breaking your work into small chunks and taking short breaks at regular intervals. 

What is a Call Pausing?

Techniques like Pomodoro, has a huge fan following and is supported by Scientific Study behind it. Break your work into chunks of 25 minutes and once a 25 minutes chunk is over, take a break of 5 minutes.  

but How do you do that in Calley?
How do you take breaks after a certain period and resume calling from the last number you called?

Yes! that is called Call Pausing and you can do that very easily using Calley Auto dialer App. 

How can One pause Calls in an actively dialing campaign?

It is very simple to do so.
Once you have started a campaign and you have finished a call, there you will see a timer that will come before it dials the next number. At that stage where the dialer is about to dial the next number you have a button to cancel the upcoming call.

timer screen between calls
call pause button calley

And that's it, you have paused your calls.

Go out see the scenary, chat with friends, have a coffee and come back at your phone.
Calley would have automatically synced your called data with the server and you can continue from where you left.    

How do I Resume Calling?

To resume calling all you need to do is come back to your phone, open the Calley App and click on the button - Start Calling. 

Calley Dashboard Screen
resume calling

It will dial the numbers from the same location where you left it the last time. 

Enjoy! talking to your leads, cause that is the only thing that will help you reach more leads, convert more leads and grow your business at the end of the day. 

Call Pausing in Calley ensures you stay flexible and efficient in your calling routine. It’s about making sure your work fits into your day, not the other way around.

This functionality is available to Calley Personal, Calley PRO, & Calley TEAMS Agents. 

So if you are calling to convert, ensure you take short breaks of 5 minutes after each 25 minutes interval so that you stay fresh, motivated and focussed towards your goal of converting your leads to sales. 

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