Exploring Scheduled Calls in Calley Auto DIaler App

Have you ever wondered about the ‘Scheduled Calls’ feature in Calley?
Let’s discuss this feature and the way it helps you manage your calls.

What is a Scheduled Call?

Calley helps you do outbound calls automatically.
Now let's say that while making a call the lead asked...

Call me back after 15 minutes. 
I am busy in a meeting call me after 2 hours
I am away from my desk on vacation call me next week.
Call me at 2:00 PM today and I will be sitting with my Boss, we can close the deal !!

Now what do you do?
Do you take notes of this in an XLS file - NO.
Do you add this to your Calendar - Why?
Do you set an Alarm to ring for each call to be done - WHAT!!

These calls where a lead has requested a call back at a specific time and date are called Scheduled Calls in Calley Autodialing Software. 

Why are Scheduled calls Needed?

We know that reaching out to a potential lead and converting them into a prospect is a task in itself. On top of it, if you have to do the labor of managing all this data and callback time manually it makes the process more difficult. 

At Calley, we want to make your outbound calling process simple. 
So, we built a way by which you can mark a call to a lead for a call back in the future as a time when the lead is available. 

As you mark a call for a callback in the Calley Mobile App, the app automatically sets a reminder for you to do this callback. It even reminds you of the call back via notification at the Scheduled Date and Time. 

It is like a Personal Reminder for Each Call. 

How can I use Scheduled calls in THE Calley App?

The first step to scheduling a call is setting up a Call Reminder. You can do it from the feedback screen that you can see at the end of the call. You can set it up as per the preset values like 15 mins, or 2 hours, or set it at a custom date/time as per your convenience. 

Post Call Feedback Screen
scheduled call prompt

This functionality is available to Calley Personal, Calley PRO, & Calley TEAMS Agents. 

Where can you see list of scheduled calls?

Once marked as scheduled the list can be seen in the Calley mobile app as well as in the Calley web panel. 

scheduled calls mobile

Scheduled calls List in the Calley Mobile App. You can click on a number to call or even edit the scheduled date/time of the call.  

Link to Calley Scheduled Call List in the Calley Web Panel
Calley Scheduled Call List View
Calley Scheduled Call Calendar View

How are you reminded for a Scheduled call 🙂

On the date and time when the call is scheduled, you get a notification on your phone by clicking on which you can see the details about the lead and make a call right from your phone. 

call reminder prompt
calling scheduled number

If you are calling on scale or to scale then the Calley Scheduled Call Reminder Functionality is a must and nifty tool that can help you be more productive and increase reach to more leads in less time. 

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