Why do you need a plan for unlimited sales calls per day?

Why do you need a plan for unlimited sales calls per day?

Can you actually do unlimited calls in a day ?

Well the answer is simple NO you can’t, then why shift from a Calley Personal Subscription which allows you to do just 50 Calls per day to an unlimited calls subscription available in Calley PRO? 

A simple reason for that will be – 

Not all calls you do get answered.
Not all people are interested in your offerings.
Not all prospects get converted to closed deal. 

You have to follow them to take the next step in your sales cycle. A limit of 50 calls per day might not suffice to your purpose.

So what are your chances of getting a lead qualified on your first call?

Sales is a numbers game.

The more you call, higher are your chances of conversion.

Understanding this need of a sales team to call on a mix of new lead, re-scheduled calls and  interested prospects we made a Calley PRO plan. 

Calley PRO Plan not only allows you to call unlimited calls in a day but goes beyond by assisting you in Lead Segregation and  create multiple lists to call.

Getting Started with Calley

Getting Started with Calley

Getting Started

So you just signed up for your Calley account and want to know how you can make best of it.

You are at the right place. Check out the links below for Getting Started videos for respective Calley Plans.


A Free Forever plan for Calley, a great starting point to see if it solves your Challenge of Dialing Numbers Manually.

Calley PRO

Calley PERSONAL on Steroids. Calley PRO allows you call unlimited numbers and many more PRO features.

Calley TEAMS

A great & more cost effective tool for Teams who call their prospects & wants to enhance productivity.