Now as you decide to start autodialing using Calley Autodialer app the first thing you need to know is the different calling modes supported by Calley. 

The Calley AutoDialer App is a tool that transforms your standard mobile phone (Android or iOS) into a fully functional call center.

With this app, you can launch outbound calling campaigns in just a matter of minutes without going through cumbersome integrations.


Calley offers you 2 options to make calls.

Firstly, from your Mobile Phone using your Sim Card or Apps like Zoiper, Google Voice, Phoneburner, Textnow or Skype. 

Secondly, from the browser or desktop (also know as PC Dialing) where you can initiate calls to be called again from your Mobile Sim Card or using Voip providers like Twillio, Ringcentral (they are in Beta) 

What are the different calling modes on Mobile App?

Standard Dialing

Dial numbers automatically one by one.

Call numbers in your list sequentially. You can save notes at the end of each call and then proceed ahead to next call. Available to Calley Personal users.

Power Dialing

Dial numbers automatically one by one.

Call numbers in your list sequentially. Just load the list of numbers you wish to call & CalleyACD will dial them automatically for you. Available to Calley PRO & TEAMS users.

Preview Dialing

You See The Number And Click To Call.

A Dialing mode where you can see a list of numbers you wish to call. You can click on the number you desire to call. Available to Calley PRO & TEAMS users.

App Dialing

Autodial Using Third Party Apps Too.

An Auto Dialing mode which allows you to call using multiple third party apps like Google Voice, Skype, Zoiper, Textnow and more. Available to Calley PRO & TEAMS users.

Uninterrupted Mode

No Distractions Just Keep Dialing Automatically.

An Auto Dialing mode with no distraction or feedback requests. Just keep dialing and speak to your leads in realtime. Available to Calley PRO & TEAMS users.

Whatsapp Only Mode

Automate Whatsapp Message Sending Using CalleyACD.

A mode that allows you to send out Whatsapp Messages to your list of users right from your mobile phone. Available to Calley PRO & TEAMS users.

Now these are modes supported by Calley Mobile App. You can download  Calley Autodialer App to use these. 

What if you are calling from Desktop or PC

In case you are doing PC Dialing using Calley Web Panel you can route calls automatically through the following channels. 

Calley Mobile App

Autodial from Web Panel and use your phone to make calls

You click on the number to start autodialing and you can use the web panel to take feedback or notes about the call. The call gets initiated from your mobile phone so no per minute cost, you are still autodialing using your Sim Card.

VOIP using Twillio API

Integrate with Twillio API to make VOIP calls from PC (in BETA)

A true solution for PC Auto Dialing or Auto Dialing Internationally. You use the same process from Web Panel to make calls and configure the system to make the calls thru Twillio API.

VOIP using RingCentral API

Integrate With RingCental API To Make VOIP Calls From PC (In BETA)

Just like Twillio VOIP API you can use RingCentral Voip API's to make calls from your desktop using the Calley AutoDialer.

More will be coming soon...

We know you will have Questions.

We will love to answer all your questions to get you started with Autodialing...