WE have never been a fan of limits...

Different Calley calling plans offer unlimited calling for you and your agents, with the exception of the Calley Personal Plan.

How many calls can I do Daily using Calley ACD?

We have seen subscribers doing 200-300 calls on a daily basis using the Calley AutoDialer app, but it all depends on how many numbers were connected and how many were spoken with. There are no Daily Auto Dialing Limits imposed by the Calley Autodialer App except in the Calley Personal Plan. 


You can upload one calling list with up to 50 records in Calley Personal subscription. Also, users are limited to 25 calls per day. Check out more about Free Autodialer Subscription - Calley Personal >  

Calley PRO

This is a single-seat paid Licence. In most cases, it is used by the business owners themselves when they are calling leads for conversions. There are no limits on how many calls you can make daily. Check out more about Calley PRO >

Calley TEAMS

This is a Pack of 5 agents usually bought by businesses who have calling agents calling on behalf of their business to get more appointments or to convert leads. We impose no daily auto-calling limits for your agents to call. Check out more about Calley Teams >

If you are satisfied with the free plan and comfortable with the daily 25-call limit, Calley Personal is the right choice. 

However, if you want to call Unlimited and reach out to more leads quickly, you should look at the Calley PRO and Calley Teams plans.

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Do you want to Subscribe to a Free Auto Dialer with a limit of 25 calls per day? Or do you want to Auto-Dial Unlimited Leads using the Calley Auto Dialer App?


We would love to answer all your questions to get you started with Autodialing using The Calley Auto Dialer app.