So you want to subscribe to a Calley Subscription plan but not sure what are Calling Lists and how many calling lists are available in respective subscription ?

Lets Clarify - What are Calling Lists ?

In Calley you upload leads or the numbers you wish to call into a list which is assigned to the person who is going to make the call.

This list is called a Calling List and there are some restrictions as to how many calling lists you can upload in Calley Subscription Plans.  

What are the different plans of Calley Autodialer ?

At Calley AutoDialer we offer 3 plans which can fit your business needs 


Single User Licence

Calley Personal is a free plan that allows you to make up to 25 calls per day. 

Calley PRO

Single User Licence

Calley PRO is a paid plan. It offers unlimited calls per day.

Calley TEAMS

Starts with 5 agents plan

Calley TEAMS is a paid plan. It includes all of the features of PRO, plus the ability to have up to 5 agents using the app. 

So what is the restrictions on Calling Lists ?

The limitation on how many calling lists you can create in a calley subscription is as below:


Number of calling lists







So which plan should I choose ?

So if you wish to stay with the Free plan and ok with the restrictions imposed on numbers of Calling Lists you can import into your Calley Personal Account then Calley Personal is good for you but in case you wish  reach out to more leads and you wish to call more people do consider Calley PRO and Calley Teams plans. 

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Do you want to Subscribe to Free Auto Dialer with a limit of 1 Calling List or do you want to AutoDial Unlimited Leads using Calley Auto Dialer App. 

We know you will have Questions.

We will love to answer all your questions to get you started with Autodialing...