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8 Ways to Overcome Sales Objections…

8 Ways to Overcome Sales Objections…

A sales objection is a reply by a lead that prevents the advancement of that lead to your sales process's next level.

Or In layman terms.

It is the reason why I will not want to buy the product from you at this particular time.

Objections are Good

If you focus and think, then a sales objection is a good sign. It offers you an opportunity to engage with your client instead of a direct dismissal. It is an opportunity for you to know more about your prospects' needs and create an offer for the solution you sell.

Sales objections are unavoidable

You are not good because you can sell better; you are good because you can better tackle your sales process objections.

No matter how you do it, a sales objection will always be there.

You may spend hours forming a perfect pitch, framing sentences filling it with emotions. But if you did not plan for objection handling, your conversions will plummet.

It will be too naive for you to think that you will not face any objections from your potential buyer. Plan for objection handling just like you plan for at perfect pitch.

Here is a list of few common and frequent sales objections.

  • There is no money.
  • We are already dealing with other vendors.
  • I am getting it at a cheaper cost somewhere else.
  • I am not the decision-maker.
  • It is not needed right now.
  • I have never heard of your company.
  • Call me back next quarter.
  • I do not understand your product.
  • I am happy the way things are.
  • I am not able to see the potential for ROI.

How can you overcome these sales Objections?

Objecting is a Buyer's right. To solve and answer them, satisfactorily is your duty.

These are eight strategies I have found to be effective in overcoming sales objection.

  • Carefully, listen to an objection
  • Understand an objection analytically
  • Resolve objection in real-time
  • Be to the point with a clear response
  • Affirm to the satisfied objection
  • Create a reply focussing on the biggest objection
  • Maintain a document for Objection Management
  • Make an objection list as per market

The best path to be a master of overcoming strategies is to prepare yourself while selling the product or service. Keep in mind that you are not losing sales while mastering the sales objection and its handling.

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