June 27

9 Reasons why you should autodial & 2 why you should not

9 Reasons why you should autodial & 2 why you should not

It is an interesting question to answer, and quite honestly, I can see more advantages than disadvantages of the software for a calling agent. 

Let's start with the advantages of auto dialing.


Improved Productivity
As you are no more dialing calls manually, you are investing your time in more productive activities like winning a sale.


Automate workflows
Consider setting a lead as hot and an automatic email going to the person, or they move automatically to a higher level in your funnel ladder. An automatic call dialer like Calley can help you achieve this.


More calls, more connects
You can now reach out to more leads in the same amount of time.


More Conversions
Since you are no longer wasting energies in manual dialing, you are more focused on closing a sale that your leads can feel in your tone.


Process Oriented
An auto dialer software can help you to think about a process to follow. It streamlines your sales cycle with you to curving on crafting the right Sales Pitch.


Stronger Control on the Business
Since the Work is allotted to your agents from your panel and you get real-time reporting of work done, you are always in control of your business.


More transparency
Real-time reporting for calls done, pending and status of a lead gives you a clear idea of where your Call campaign is heading.


Lean approach
With reporting in hand, you can now make decisions based on Data, which improves your chances of success.


An auto dialer app like Calley gets installed on mobile phones of your agents who can then make calls even if they are working from home.

So we talked about 9 advantages of using an auto dialer software.

So what are the disadvantages of using an autodialer. 


Pause for the end-user
If you are using a predictive dialer for your outbound calling process, then the person You called gets a pause or a default tone as he answers the call. This is exactly why I’m not too fond of predictive auto dialers as this pause reduces your chances of conversion due to call abandonment by the prospect.


Calling a DND Number
Let’s say your team called a number which was in DND. What you do now, maybe the person you called, was forgiving for the first time, but what if another agent in your team called the same number again. To prevent this, your auto dialer software should have some kind of a DND Scrubbing option available.

If I weigh the pro’s and con’s of starting an outbound Calling campaign using an auto dialer software, then I am all game for it.

If you believe an Auto Dialer Software can help your business
or you can contact us on support@getcalley.com for an online demo

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