September 18

Give a Leader to your Team


Give a Leader to your Team

We know that as your team grows, it becomes more complex to manage. A bigger team needs more managers and better reporting system to ensure that the business is going in the right direction.

To improve sales teams productivity and to have higher levels of engagement with them, we at Calley have introduced a new user type “Calley Team Leader” for Calley Teams subscription. As a Calley Team Admin, you can now create a sub-account for Team Leaders. You can assign specific agents to these Team Leaders for effective monitoring and feedback.

How to create a Team Leader?

As a Team Leader, you can access all the functionalities available to a Team Admin, but it is limited to the set of agents assigned to you.

The Team Leaders functionality is available to Calley Teams subscribers.

PS: Are you a Calley Personal user who has a Team of agents? If you are looking for a solution that can help you run and manage an Outbound Calling Campaign then take a free trial of this functionality. Click here to Try Calley Teams subscription 100% Risk-Free.

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