In this challenging and learning time, we all need to stay safe and practice social distancing. If you are working from home, I am sharing the digital tools you need and some tips to approach remote working effectively.


To move into remote working, you first need a good WiFi connection, a smartphone, or a laptop that enables you to manage emails, chat function, file sharing, and video calls.


Here are my five tips to ensure your productivity doesn’t suffer.

  1. Have a dedicated workspace – Instead of working on a bed or sofa, try to work on a dedicated, comfortable place with a chair and table. It will prevent neck and back pains due to bad posture.
  2. Eat healthy – No more excuses for gaining weight because of eating unhealthy food available in or around your office. Now is an excellent time to get fit with healthy home-cooked snacks and meals.
  3. Try to get some exercise – You may not be able to go out for a walk, but you can still lift some weights or do yoga indoors to keep yourself energetic physically and mentally. A healthy body houses a healthy mind.
  4. Take regular breaks – To prevent restlessness and fatigue, take small breaks. It improves productivity, attention level, and quality of work. Spend some time with family chit-chatting. Have some fun.
  5. Communicate more – This is the critical ingredient for remote working. The way you were able to communicate in a face to face meeting has changed. You will now need to make an extra effort to ensure the CORRECT message has reached the DESIRED audience, and they can EXECUTE it effectively.
    Emailing is excellent, but calling is more useful to build relationships and connect with your colleagues and customers.

Even in these turbulent times, people we work with are willing to put their best foot forward. As humans, it is our nature to take on a challenge and prevail.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.