Calley Automatic Call Dialer

Power Import Leads to Calley Auto Dialer App

When we started Calley, our subscribers’ the biggest challenge was how to load and distribute numbers to the calling list.

We created a CSV file (kind of Is with unlimited records) with a simple structure of 3 fields.

We did that to keep the adaptation easy for our users.


We soon realized that the Calley panel’s loading numbers were a bottleneck for our subscribers for the following reasons.

At Calley, we realized this as a shortcoming in our functionality, leading to extra work our subscribers needed to manage day-to-day operations. We looked for ways by which we can make things easier.


We are excited about the launch of Power Import functionality that allows you to.

And the Best One…

It does not have a limit you with a structure to be followed. You can upload a CSV file in your system, and it will import the data to the required sections in the Calley Panel.

Calley now not only saves you from the pain of manual dialing but also acts as a cool tool for automatic lead distribution for your calling agents.

Sales happen when you are on calls, not when you are making XLS. Do 3X more calls with Calley ACD. You can contact us on for an online Demo

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