How it works?

Calley may be the Best Free Automatic Call Dialer Software for Android Phones but how does it actually works. 


How do you use this
Best Free Automatic Call Dialer?

To understand how Calley actually works see the steps below. When setting up Calley Dialer for yourself or your team is easy. There are NO servers to manage, NO software configurations to struggle. Just install the Calley CRM Dialer app and get started in 5 mins.

You signup for a
Free Account

You login to
Calley Web Panel

Create a List and
download CSV

Upload CSV to
load numbers

Once you have uploaded data in the web panel you now need to proceed ahead to the Mobile app for further steps.

Download the
Calley mobile app

Login using
your credentials

Load numbers
to call automatically

Start calling
without dialing...


With Calley you can get started in 2 mins

Our CEO used to tell us that
Setting up an Auto Dialer App is a 2 Minutes task
We Challenged him on the same

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