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free auto dialer app for financial advisors
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Dedicated Financial Advisors

Meet Bob: A Dedicated Financial Advisors

a successful financial advisor with years of experience. Despite his expertise, he found himself struggling to take his business to the next level.

The reason? Spending countless hours manually dialing numbers, leaving him with limited time to focus on building client relationships and expanding his reach.

Common Challenges faced by Bob when trying to scale his Financial Advisory business

Time-consuming Manual Dialing: A Productivity Killer

Each day, Bob manually dials phone numbers, a process that drains his productivity. Manual dialing becomes a roadblock in his quest for success as precious minutes elapse. He cannot reach potential clients and is limited in his calls.

Dialing Numbers Manually is Slowing him down...

Missed Opportunities: Lost Connections, Lost Business

In a fast-paced financial advisory world, a missed opportunity can be costly. By manually dialing, Bob is slowed down, which makes it hard to capitalize on valuable business opportunities. Missed calls or voicemails mean lost revenue and leads.

Forgetting to Call Back means Missed Opportunity...

Inefficient Contact Management: Struggling to Stay Organized

It becomes increasingly difficult for Bob to maintain client records, update client information, and organize contact lists without an automated system in place. If Bob fails to manage contacts efficiently, he loses, duplicates, and gets disorganized.

Clients Need Information to Decide...

Limited Reach and Scalability: Breaking Free from the Shackles

Manual dialing prevents Bob from expanding into new markets despite his unbridled ambition. In order to achieve true scalability, he needs a solution that enables him to break free from these constraints. Since manual dialing is limited, he should expand his business.

How to Remember Who to Follow?

Fatigue and Burnout: Restoring Energy and Motivation

Having to dial numbers and face unanswered calls is exhausting and saps Bob's motivation and energy. Bob needs a solution that relieves him of this exhausting burden and revitalizes his professional drive to reclaim his enthusiasm and deliver the best possible service to his clients.

Clients Need Information to Decide...


What does he need to overcome those challenges?


Bob needs a solution that automates the dialing process, eliminating the need for manual dialing. This automation will save him significant time and effort, enabling him to make a higher volume of calls in less time.

Increased Efficiency

By automating the dialing process, Bob can optimize his workflow and maximize efficiency. With more time on his hands, he can concentrate on delivering exceptional financial advice and building stronger client relationships.

Streamlined Operations

Bob requires a tool that streamlines his operations and reduces administrative tasks. By automating dialing, he can focus on core activities instead of getting caught up in time-consuming manual processes.

Enhanced Productivity

With an automated dialing solution, Bob can significantly enhance his productivity. By making more calls in less time, he can expand his outreach and engage with a larger number of potential clients.

Improved Time Management

A dialing automation tool will allow Bob to better manage his time. By freeing up hours previously spent on manual dialing, he can allocate that time to more strategic activities, such as networking, client meetings, and professional development.

Focus on Core Competencies

By automating dialing, Bob can redirect his focus to what truly matters—delivering exceptional financial advice and nurturing client relationships. This shift in focus will enable him to provide better service and achieve higher client satisfaction levels.

Introduction to Calley

Automatic Call Dialer
that can dial right from his smartphone phone

Introducing Calley, the revolutionary automatic call dialer designed to empower financial advisors like Bob. Calley is a cutting-edge mobile application that seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, enabling you to make calls with just a few taps.


Reduction in Dialing Time


Increase in Call Success Rate

How Calley Works?

Setting up outbound Calling Campaigns is so much easy now

calley download app 01

Curate a list

Create a CSV file of numbers that you wish to upload in your Calley Panel.

Load it to the Web Panel

Load this list using Standard Import or Power Import mode in your web pane.

Sync numbers with Mobile App

Sync calling list you wish to call in your mobile app available on iOS or Android phone.

Start Calling & Updating

Start calling your leads in Power or Uninterrupted mode updating status at end of each call.

Do more with Calley than just Calling

Calley is the ultimate tool for inside sales teams. An automatic call dialer coupled with a Free CRM to manage your leads prospecting. It comes with fabulous features which makes your calling hassle-free and manages your data with ease.

Calling List

Load leads you want to call in a list and get started with a calling campaign under 2 minutes.

25 Calls Per Day

Free dialer allows you to call 25 calls per day and load a list of upto 50 numbers at once.

Calling Dashboard

You get a dedicated calling dashboard to load, manage and see reports on leads called.

Add contacts manually

You can add contacts manually to the calling list from your web panel.

Call Pausing

Pause a list at any time as needed. Resume same list from where you left.

Call Scheduling

See list of all the calls scheduled by you on your mobile phone & web panel.

Mobile App

A mobile app for iOS or Android phones that you can install to make calls automatically.

Web Panel

A web panel from where you can easily manage all the tasks related to loading & managing leads.

XLS / CSV Import

Load lead data in bulk using a predefined structure of CSV file. No technical knowledge needed.

Our Customers Love Us

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“Wow its Awesome App for Sales Calls, amazing, will use it daily for my sales calls, it will save me a lot of time calling new leads.easy to use interface, easy to upload the leads. Superb Team Calley.”

Oliver Mendes

“Very helpful app for sales team, all calls are automated and report send on mail. Do you have an iOS version coming up. Keep up the good work. Thanks Team Calley, superb product.”

Martin Dobbins

“Absolutely Superb, clean, quick and does exactly what it says. Lovely design and great features. I use it daily and it keeps my calls organised and on time. It’s very simple an easy to use.”

Jacob Nolan

"Using this software can lead to amazing Productivity. I was a manual dialer using skype making 100-150 calls in 8 hr. With this software one can make 600-700 calls in same 8 hrs"

Jathniel Rebaya

"Useful app and it has all i need. For Agents, distribution of leads, Reports and also the Trial. I will subscribe after the trial. Thanks customer support for very accommodating."


"I use this to do my cold calls for my marketing business and this is exactly what I was hoping to find. This makes things so much easier. I'm really in business now. I'm so grateful for this."

Reaching out to your leads is the most important part of a sales cycle

Calley helps you achieve just that increasing productivity of your calling agents by staggering 400%.

Free for Life

Calley Auto Dialer app offers a Free Lifetime plan for you.

Call From Anywhere

Your agents can work from anywhere as the app is installed on their phones.

Secure Access

The data is secure and your agent gets to load one list at a time to make calls.

Real Life Applications of Calley & its Benefits

Here is how Calley is changing the world as we speak.

us 1

Calley is used by Real Estate Agents in USA to prospect & follow up Expired Listings.

au 1

Calley is used by Fitness GYM in Australia to follow up on New Subscriptions.

ae 1

Calley is used by Ecommerce Biz in UAE to offer welcome call & COD confirmations.

in 1

Calley is used by HR Companies in India to headhunt for a suitable profile on call.

gb 1

Calley is used by Events Companies in UK to do an RSVP or send invites.

br 1

Calley is used by Verification Companies in Brazil to do Background checks.

Unleash the Power of Auto Dialing for Financial Advisors

Bob the hundreds of financial advisors who have taken their business to the next level with Calley Auto Dialer. Sign up now for a lifetime free plan and experience the transformative power of our auto-dialer and workflow optimisation features.

“CALLEY is essentially an automatic call dialer created to call multiple people without dialing their numbers manually”

Save yourself from the hassles of manual dialing.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a Free Account Available?

Yes. Calley Personal Plan is a Free plan and will stay Free Forever. It has a limit on the number of calls you can do each day i.e. 25 calls/day.

Can I use it to call overseas?

Yes. You can use Calley to call any country in the world. You have to just upload the numbers in the format supported by your mobile service provider to call.

Can I mask my number or use a burner number with Calley?

All calls made using Calley are routed through your GSM sim card. The end-user will see the caller ID of the number allotted to that sim card.

Can the lead call me back?

Yes. Since you are calling from your number, the lead you have called can call you back on the same number in case of a missed call.Yes. Since you are calling from your number, the lead you have called can call you back on the same number in case of a missed call.a

Will this work in the EU, US, or any country?

Calley works in all countries in the world. It sits as an app on your phone and saves you the hassle of dialing numbers manually.

I have 5 agents who call for me what plan suits best for me?

The best plan for you is Calley for Teams Plan. It gives you control over your agents, your data is secure, and you can get all the reports at one dashboard itself.The best plan for you is Calley for Teams Plan. It gives you control over your agents, your data is secure, and you can get all the reports at one dashboard itself.

Is there a per-call charge I have to pay?

There are no hidden fees or per-call charges for calling using Calley. You will only have to pay for your monthly subscription with us and the charge that your mobile service provider may impose.

Can I send a pre-recorded message?

No. Calley does not support voice blast messages. It is created for users who call and speak with their leads.

Does Calley offer integrations with CRM or a Zapier Integration?

Calley is built on Rest APIs which means you can do data transfers using API or even Zapier Integration.

Can I use Calley on my desktop?

Calley has 2 parts: a web panel that helps you load and manage data for calling and a mobile app for Android / iOS phones. All calls can be done through a mobile app only.

Does Calley support Call Recording?

We have launched a new app for Call Recording on the Playstore. It is in Early Access mode, and you can give it a try – Call Recording with Calley.

Can I send bulk SMS / Whatsapp?

Calley allows you to send transactional SMS only i.e. you can create message templates in a web panel and send them as per need at the end of each call. It cannot send out bulk SMS to a list.

Does Calley supports VOIP calls?

Yes. You can use App Mode of Calley to make VOIP calls. It can do integration with Zoiper, Textnow, Skype or Google Voice.

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