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What are the Different Types of Auto-Dialing Modes?


An auto dialer software allows you to call your prospects using different dialling modes.

Different calling modes help you to manage different requirements.

Dialing modes of Calley Automatic Call Dialer

1. Predictive Dialing
The Predictive Dialing mode where a server makes calls to the prospects, and as a prospect answers the call, it looks to assign this connected prospect to the next available agent. I, as a salesperson, will never recommend this mode of outbound dialing to anyone. Why? Simply because I do not want to lose on sales due to call abandonment by the prospect. The Waiting time between the calls is good enough for a prospect to realise he is going to speak to a call center agent, at which point he abandons the call before even hearing the pitch.

2. Power Dialing
A classic and high converting mode where the calls happen sequentially one after the other. The dialer dials a number, and the agent is ready to speak to the prospect. It offers better conversions than predictive dialing as you are not making a prospect wait. Instead, he is greeted by a real person as the call connects.

3. Preview Dialing
A dialing mode when an agent can see a list of numbers he wants to call. He can click on the phone number he wishes to call, and a call is placed. It is not precisely an auto dialing mode though you are not manually dialing a number. It is the best used if you are looking for scheduled calls or calling selective users out of a list

4. Uninterrupted Dialing
In all the above modes, you have to choose call dispositions at the end of each call. What if you do not want that and just want to dial thru a list of numbers with no post-call feedback.

5. App Mode Dialing
If you use an app like Textnow or skype or Google voice or 2nd line to make your business calls, then Calley autodialer solution now integrates with them, allowing you to route calls from the app instead of the mobile sim card. It is excellent if you do not want to share your personal mobile number with the prospect or make calls to a different geographic country.

6. WhatsApp Message Mode
Now, this is a mode that will help you send multiple WhatsApp messages to a list of prospects. You can create a message body, integrate variable for the name, number, email, and start with sending WhatsApp messages to the list.

Different calling modes in Calley Automatic dialer app are created to help you tackle your business need. An agent can choose from the available calling modes as per his requirement. when starting his outbound calling campaign.

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