This is the most important aspect of your Calley Journey. It is through very simple but we have seen many people facing an issue to upload numbers to their panel. 

Please keep in mind the following things as you prepare to upload numbers for the first time.

Trust me it is very easy.

Download the csv file format. Remember the panel only allows uploading of numbers in csv format. You may open the file in .xls or keynote but ensure you save it back in csv format prior to upload.

Do Not Change Format of File i.e., the file allows you to upload 3 main values associated a call.

Name – Person whom you are calling.

Number – The number you are calling.

Notes – Reason of call that reminds you the same on mobile app and helps you gather your thoughts around the same.

Add numbers like you will use them to call from your phone. Calley works in all countries because the numbers to the list the way you will call them from your mobile.

Judicious use of special characters. Use them only if needed. Some special character like comma (,) in your notes will surely throw an error. Try to keep your notes special character free

Just ensure that you follow these points while uploading file / numbers to your panel.

Incase you face any issues in uploading
feel free to write to us on [email protected]