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I want to setup a call center. What software & hardware apparatus should I use?

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So you want to Setup a Call Center?

A Call Center is a great way to generate more leads for your customers or yourself.

No Company can survive without New Sales, and this is where Call Center Services, with a prime focus on supporting business to generate new sales, comes into the picture.

Wouldn’t it be great if a dedicated team can convert your cold lead to warm and warm leads to hot in their prospecting cycle?


To run a successful Call Center, you need two things.

  • A team of motivated Calling Agents.
  • A Call Center Software

A team of motivated calling agents will stay motivated only if they can focus on conversions, see wins all thru the way, and a Call Center Software should always help you do so.

It helps your agents convert more and stay productive.

You may spend hours forming a perfect pitch, framing sentences filling it with emotions. But if you did not plan for objection handling, your conversions will plummet.

In the initial days, I have seen many Call Center owners not choosing to invest in a Call Center Software and manually make calls. It led to a faster burn down, and even the most motivated agents got derailed due to the amount of effort they had to do to speak to a lead. If that is not enough, then they had other challenges to address:

  • Incorrect and inconsistent data.
  • Wastage of time and energies in making a manual call.
  • Wrong number dialing due to manual error.
  • The missed numbers & opportunities.
  • Lower reach out to the leads.
  • Unequal distribution and duplication.
  • Inconsistent reporting.
  • Confusion, chaos, manual labor.

And more…

Since you will want to reach out to as many leads as you can, you will need to invest in more agents that are a wastage of your investment. Their capital upfront investment in infrastructure with increased operational costs are caused due to a higher number of agents needed to make the same amount of calls.

and the bigger question, how are your Conversions?

To improve your reach out, you can invest in an Auto Dialer, but later you have another set of challenges to overcome if you choose On-Premise options. They will need:

  • Capex investment upfront for the setup of server, minutes, softphones.
  • You will need to create an infrastructure in the office with wired cabling.
  • It does not end there; your agents will need to have a computer to attend to these calls.
  • Worse, you will need your agents to come to the office, whatever the situation is, to run this process.

Are you wondering if there is a solution to all of this?

Wondering if there is a way you can setup a call center efficiently without making such a vast CAPEX investment.

Yes, there is…

Calley – The Best Call Center Software to your rescue.

Calley is like your Call Center in the cloud. If you are looking to start a Call Center using Calley, you will only need the following.


  • A laptop for the Team leaders or admins to manage and assign leads.
  • A mobile phone (Android / iOS) for the agents to make calls and update dispositions.


  • Calley – Best Call Center Software.
  • Microsoft Excel or any open-source alternative to manage leads data.
  • A web browser like Google Chrome for checking reports.

That’s it;
you do not need anything out of the ordinary to be able to start an outbound calling process using Calley Call Center Dialer Software.

On the Plus side it will help you with…

  • On the Plus side it will help you with…
  • Since it’s installed on a mobile phone, your agents can call from anywhere, anytime, even if they work from home.
  • You save on renting out a huge office space and other operational charges along with the same.
  • Data distribution happens in automatic mode, and you have everything available in the right format you desire.
  • Transparency and output reports keep you on top of an agent output at all the time.

As a business owner myself,
I will like to check the claims firsthand rather than investing in something that does not work.

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