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Call Internationally using a VOIP or SIP Route directly from your Mobile Phone. 


Start your Outbound Calling Process

Calley VOIP is an Ideal solution for you if you want to start calling internationally using an SIP Trunking or a VOIP Provider. Calley Integrates with a host of cost effective VOIP providers with ready integrations to get you started in few minutes.  


How is Calley VOIP different from other subscriptions?

All the subscriptions of Calley till now has been using a GSM route to make calls. That means the user sees the number on your GSM Sim and all the calls goes out of that number only. 

This restricted users from calling internationally due to high per minute pulse charged by the GSM Provider. To make the solution more Cost Effective we at Calley have integrated a VOIP Route which means you are making calls to your prospects via SIP / VOIP (in layman teams you are calling over internet like Skype or Whatsapp)

What this means is that you can now hire a Virtual Assistant in Philippines to call your prospects in the US or start an outbound calling campaign in Canada while being in India at a very reasonable cost.


Best VOIP Outbound Call Dialer 
for International Sales Teams

Calley VOIP is created keeping in mind that it will help agents calling internationally to use Automatic Dialing to their benefit. The cost effective solution helps the business owner to distribute data and monitor calls for both local or geographically distributed teams efficiently.

Multiple Lists

Load multiple lists in your panel at once. It saves you round trip of loading data again and again.

No Call Limits

Each list allows you to load 500 numbers at once, you have no limit on how many numbers you call.

SMS Templates

Create SMS templates from your web panel, which gets synced with your mobile app automatically.

Call Disposition

Create different post call feedback templates from your web panel. It helps you segregate prospects better.

Call Pausing

Option to pause a list at any time as per your requirement. You can resume same list or load a different one.

Automatic Reminders

Get notifications for scheduled calls directly on your mobile phone. You can also see that data in your web panel.

Do Not Disturb

Why call someone and get penalised. Calley allows you to manage your DND list right from your web panel.

Auto Speed Dial

Upload your list, then press “start dialing” Contact’s information pops up so you know who you are speaking to.

Mobile Friendly

No landlines required! Just Android & Apple mobile phones. Boot-up your app & start making calls. FAST!

Sales Pitch Script

With auto dialing on your phone you can open your sales script & refer to the same while speaking to prospects.

Cool-Off Timer

After every call the agents get time to take notes or prepare for the next call. They are more productive than burnt.

Data Security

Get an account for yourself or a team of your agents. The Calley does not restrict no. of calls or agents in a panel.

No Telemarketing Delays

Your contact won’t hear that awkward “hello, hello” or worse, silence before hearing your voice.

Custom Reporting

Get a quick review of your call lists, agents or call dispositions right from a cloud hosted the web panel.

Unlimited Agents

Get an account for yourself or a team of your agents. The Calley does not restrict no of calls or agents in a panel.


Power Dialing

A Dialing mode where you can see a list of numbers you wish to call. You can click on the number you desire to call.


Preview Dialing

A Dialing mode where you can see a list of numbers you wish to call. You can click on the number you desire to call.


Uninterrupted Mode

An Auto Dialing mode in which you just click on Start Calling and Calley auto dialer app keeps dialing next number in the list.


Auto Dialing Modes
supported by Calley 

Getting Started with Calley VOIP

A Step by Step Video Guide that can help you setup & 
get started with the Calley VOIP Automatic Call Dialer Software. 


Create an account for your self by signing up using your email id. Your account is created instantly and you are redirected to your dashboard. Enter your text here...

Create Agents

Once your account setup is complete create logins for your agents. They are the basic premise of the whole process as any calls loaded will be distributed between them. 

Call Disposition Templates

Call Disposition is a great way to categorise your prospects at the end of each call. With Calley TEAMS you can create disposition / feedback templates which are available to all the agents at the end of each call.

SMS Templates

What happens if your prospect did not pick up the call you did or if one of the prospect asked for location of the venue where you are doing an event. It is at times like these your SMS templates comes handy. Make them part of your sales script for better conversion.

Download CSV

Once you are on your dashboard. Create a new list in which you are going to load numbers. Download the sample CSV file to load numbers.

Upload Numbers

Once you have downloaded the CSV file just check out for the fields you need to fill prior to uploading them back in your Calley Web Panel. Learn how to distribute calls amongst multiple agents in your Calley TEAMS panel. 

Download App & Start Calling

Your list is ready. You have distributed calls amongst your agents. Now all they need is to download the Calley app in their android phones and Start Calling. 

Automatic Notifications

Calley TEAMS gives automatic notifications of calls scheduled in future by the agents. No need to remember whom to call and when. Just wait for the reminders and be right on time to call always.

Agent Reports

Understand how Calley TEAMS panel works so that you can performs everyday tasks of loading data or checking reports with ease. 

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