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Work From Home Automatic Dialer (WFH Automatic Dialer)

Work from home or Remote Working was a challenge for us until a few days back, but today it is the New Normal. 

Thanks to the internet, which has made it easier for us to run a business from a remote location. 

We designed Calley so that it frees you from any geographical limitation; it will work till the time you have your phone and an internet connection. You do not even need your laptop. Just your phone will suffice if you are making calls.

A wide variety of features help you manage your work from home business effectively, without the expenses of having an office. 

Calley is the best automatic dialer for a work from home business. 

Monitor your agents

You can see realtime reports of what your agents are doing right on your web panel. You can track productivity  & conversions.

Different modes for Different needs

Since it works on your mobile phone, you do not need any new hardware or capital investments. Just install it and start calling.

Schedule Call Reminders

If you wish to set a reminder of a call in the future, you can manage it directly out of your Calley Autodialer Mobile App.

No Special Hardware Required

Since it works on your mobile phone, you do not need any new hardware or capital investments. Just install it and start calling.

Customizable Dispositions

You can make custom workflows for your post-call feedback. This enables you to manage & qualify your leads effectively. 

No Anytime, Anywhere

Call your leads right from your mobile phone. You do not need a laptop & a headset to make calls. 

Start your
7-day trial

Try the Best WFH Dialer. Not only does it solves your problem of managing remote teams, but it helps you manage your business without the expense of office setup. 

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In this challenging and learning time, we all need to stay safe and practice social distancing. If you are working from home, I am sharing the digital tools you need and some tips to approach remote working effectively.


To move into remote working, you first need a good WiFi connection, a smartphone, or a laptop that enables you to manage emails, chat function, file sharing, and video calls.


Here are my five tips to ensure your productivity doesn't suffer.

  1. Have a dedicated workspace - Instead of working on a bed or sofa, try to work on a dedicated, comfortable place with a chair and table. It will prevent neck and back pains due to bad posture. 
  2. Eat healthy - No more excuses for gaining weight because of eating unhealthy food available in or around your office. Now is an excellent time to get fit with healthy home-cooked snacks and meals. 
  3. Try to get some exercise - You may not be able to go out for a walk, but you can still lift some weights or do yoga indoors to keep yourself energetic physically and mentally. A healthy body houses a healthy mind. 
  4. Take regular breaks - To prevent restlessness and fatigue, take small breaks. It improves productivity, attention level, and quality of work. Spend some time with family chit-chatting. Have some fun.
  5. Communicate more - This is the critical ingredient for remote working. The way you were able to communicate in a face to face meeting has changed. You will now need to make an extra effort to ensure the CORRECT message has reached the DESIRED audience, and they can EXECUTE it effectively.

    Emailing is excellent, but calling is more useful to build relationships and connect with your colleagues and customers. 

Even in these turbulent times, people we work with are willing to put their best foot forward. As humans, it is our nature to take on a challenge and prevail.  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

If you have a sales team who is working from a remote location,
if you are looking for an auto dialer solution that offers transparency,
then Calley is just the solution for you. 

If you would like to discuss your home office setup with us
you can contact us on [email protected]
Cold Calling

Auto Dialer App for Android & iPhone

Using features of the Calley auto dialer app on Android phone or iPhone, you can increase the productivity of your sales agents by reducing the downtime between calls. Your sales agent’s next call is dialed automatically as soon as they hang up an existing call. With features to save feedback at the end of each call, this app helps you segregate your calling lead data efficiently, making Calley the best auto dialer app for making outbound calls and lead management for your agents and you.

Why does your sales team need an Auto Dialer and not a Predictive Dialer?

Sales today is all about customer experience. If you ask a customer to pick a call and wait for the agent to answer, then you are making the biggest mistake and reducing chances of conversion for this lead.

This is why we created an auto dialer app for Android and iPhone. What it does allow is to call your lead and does not make them wait in the queue. You can use it for yourself or even for a team of agents who call on your behalf.

How do the Autodialer works?

It is very simple. To get started with the Calley Automatic Call Dialer, all you need to do is create an account, load numbers in your panel and then download the app on your phone. Log in to app and sync numbers to call. FINISH.

Do you know you can get a free auto dialer app for your Android and iOS phone in 2 minutes?

Start with a 7 days free trial of Calley PRO or Calley TEAMS Plan.

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2 minutes setup challenge for Auto Dialer App

Our CEO used to tell us that setting up an Auto Dialer App is a 2 Minutes task...

We Challenged him on the same

Working with Calley Auto Dialer App taught us that nothing is impossible. That we can do a huge number of outbound calls without breaking a sweat and still stay productive.

But 2 minutes, Seriously!!!

2 Minutes is doable, anyone can take 2 minutes out of his schedule to try a software which will save hours of his daily work. We optimised the Calley auto dialer app in a way that you take only 2 minutes to set up and start calling.

Start with Free auto dialer app account

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Announcing Calley’s Integration with Zapier.

We’re are super excited to announce our integration with Zapier ecosystem.

Zapier houses support integration with the world best CRM and marketing automation tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, NetSuite CRM, and many more.

Since we are integrated with Zapier, we are also seamlessly integrated with 1,500+ web’s top tools available on Zapier platform.

What you can do through our integration with Zapier

With the active integration, you can send or receive data between your app
and Calley-Automatic Call Dialer Panel.

Step 1 – Pull/Receive Data

Through a trigger, you can send data from your CRM to a calling list in Calley PRO or Calley TEAMS panel. You can even assign it to a particular agent as needed. As the numbers are added they will be available to you for an outbound call.

Step 2 – Push/ Send Data

You can push data from your Calley PRO or Calley TEAMS panel into your CRM. This will enable all your post-call feedbacks or call disposition to get synced with an activity list in your CRM.

How can I get Zapier Integration done on my account?

Zapier integration is available to Calley PRO & Calley TEAMS subscription at no extra cost.
You can click on the link below to start an integration process.

PS: If you are a Calley Personal user who wants to achieve more
and manage work effectively Click Here to Start a Free Trial

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Uninterrupted Calling Mode

We have newly launched an Uninterrupted Calling Mode on Calley Call Center Software App in addition to the Standard Calling Mode.

If you want to call a list of numbers without the need to save feedback at the end of each call then just switch to the Uninterrupted Mode.

This mode will zip through your list of calls, dialing numbers one by one without you even touching the phone.

How does the Uninterrupted Mode work?

The uninterrupted mode can be configured for a Call Delay. You can define the waiting period between each call after which it will automatically start dialing the next number.

The Uninterrupted Mode is available on both Calley Pro and Calley Teams users.

PS: If you are a Calley Personal user who wants to use the Uninterrupted Mode you can take a Free Trial of this functionality – Click Here to Start a Free Trial.


Zapier Integration – Getting data from an external source to Calley List

If you are integrating Salesforce or any other CRM with Calley Automatic Call Dialer you can do so easily using Zapier Integrations.


Zapier Integration – Push data from Calley panel to CRM / External source

Know how to get calling data into an external source
like Google Sheet or Salesforce CRM using Zapier Integration.

Trouble Shoot

Delete your Calley Account

If for some reason you want to delete your Calley account and all the data in it,
you can do it right from your Calley Web Panel.

Watch the video to know how to do it.

Getting Started

Export Calling Data to Excel from your Calley Panel

If you have finished calling a list and want to export the data into an XLS file format,
you can do it right from the calling list page.

Watch the video to know the steps for exporting calling list data.