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Calley Pro or Calley Teams after you tools for a true power user.

As a Calley Pro user you can

1) Call Unlimited numbers.
2) Create custom feedback templates for lead segregation.
3) Share post call SMS directly from Calley App.
4) Get notified when a scheduled call is due.
5) DND Filtering – Coming Soon
6) Duplication filtering – Coming Soon
7) zapier integration – Coming Soon

While Calley for team user get additional benefits

1) More economical pricing for multi seats.
2) Option to create sub user under your main account
3) Call distraction to subuser / Agents or private list.
4) Reassignment of calls from one agent to another.
5) Detailed analytics for call list.
6) Detailed agent analytics.

If you wish to be a power user – Click Here.

Let Us Take The Pain Out Of Sales Calling.