Be a Calley PRO user

Be a Calley PRO user

Hey !

Calley Pro or Calley Teams after you tools for a true power user.

As a Calley Pro user you can

1) Call Unlimited numbers.
2) Create custom feedback templates for lead segregation.
3) Share post call SMS directly from Calley App.
4) Get notified when a scheduled call is due.
5) DND Filtering – Coming Soon
6) Duplication filtering – Coming Soon
7) zapier integration – Coming Soon

While Calley for team user get additional benefits

1) More economical pricing for multi seats.
2) Option to create sub user under your main account
3) Call distraction to subuser / Agents or private list.
4) Reassignment of calls from one agent to another.
5) Detailed analytics for call list.
6) Detailed agent analytics.

If you wish to be a power user – Click Here.

Let Us Take The Pain Out Of Sales Calling.

Share Details with Caller

Share Details with Caller


As you are calling your list Calley gives you perfect tools to keep a track of your conversion with an automated workflow.

What all you can do after a call ?

Save a Feedback – You can put notes of your conversion with the caller so that you can recall the same in feature. These notes get sync with your online web panel instantly.

If you are a pro user you can also set drop down values of lead feedback and set them according to status of lead like – Interested or not interested etc.,

Reschedule for a Feature – Set this numbers to be called in feature. This record then in saved in a rescheduled number list accessible from mobile app.

Incase you are a pro user you get notifications of calls to be made on schedule date/time

Send SMS – This is only available to Pro users allowing them to share information to the caller via text message.

You can create text message templates from your Calley web panel which you can select to share with the caller.

Call Again – Incase you wish to reach out to the user again.

Go To Next Call – Call next number on the List.

All the action you undertake against a user are logged in your web panel which you download from the call registry page in the web panel.

Transparent reporting tell you about the actual feature of your calling list at any instant of time.


No Dialing! Just Happy Calling!

Load numbers to Mobile App

Load numbers to Mobile App

Hey !

Now that you have upload numbers in your Calley web panel the next step for you to do is to sync those numbers with your mobile app.

If you have not then you can download the mobile app from the following link.

Once you have the app installed on your phone login to the same using the username, Password created at the time of registration.

As you are logged into your mobile app all you now need is to click on the button – load numbers from the server.

Follow the steps and the numbers are loading on your mobile app. Now click on – Start Calling. and you are started with your Automatic call campaign.


Follow the steps and the numbers are loading on your mobile app. Now click on – Start Calling. and you are started with your Automatic call campaign.

Keep Calling! No Dialing!

Uploading Numbers to Call in your Panel

Uploading Numbers to Call in your Panel

This is the most important aspect of your Calley Journey. It is through very simple but we have seen many people facing an issue to upload numbers to their panel. 

Please keep in mind the following things as you prepare to upload numbers for the first time.

Trust me it is very easy.

Download the csv file format. Remember the panel only allows uploading of numbers in csv format. You may open the file in .xls or keynote but ensure you save it back in csv format prior to upload.

Do Not Change Format of File i.e., the file allows you to upload 3 main values associated a call.

Name – Person whom you are calling.

Number – The number you are calling.

Notes – Reason of call that reminds you the same on mobile app and helps you gather your thoughts around the same.

Add numbers like you will use them to call from your phone. Calley works in all countries because the numbers to the list the way you will call them from your mobile.

Judicious use of special characters. Use them only if needed. Some special character like comma (,) in your notes will surely throw an error. Try to keep your notes special character free

Just ensure that you follow these points while uploading file / numbers to your panel.

Incase you face any issues in uploading
feel free to write to us on [email protected]

Understanding your Calley Panel

Understanding your Calley Panel

Hey! coming to your Calley panel for the first time. You need to know the following. 

Your Calley panel is divided into 3 parts majorly

The Top Section – Shows steps to load numbers to call. you can download sample csv file, make changes to the same and upload the modified field to your panel

The Mid Section – Shows list of numbers that are available for calling you can see the full list by clicking – View All Button.

The Bottom Section – Shows functionalities available to Pro Users. This section shows templates for feedback or SMS that you can use to upload details after you have finished a call.

Besides these you can see details about your subscription on the top right corner of your dashboard.

You can upgrade your subscription or manage it from this section

If you are a Calley Pro / Team subscription user then you can see your invoice in the dashboard from the link provided in top Bar.

Happy Calling to You!