CALLEY is a product by CSTech. CSTech is a web design company based out of India focussing solely on creating products that helps businesses achieve more.

Why we made CALLEY?

We had been trying to optimize time spent on activities done by our team. We found that the Sales, HR and Event teams were wasting a lot of productive time in manually dialing numbers. Beyond that keeping a track of what is prospective and what reduntant was a challenge.

Top of that the were also loosing time on managing multiple formats of output reports post the outbound call campaign they were running.

We realised that we needed a solution that can help us do this more effeciently and convert our team from a boring telecaller profile to a highly energetic achieving team.

CALLEY saved us time hence allowing a user doing 50 – 60 calls a day to 150 – 200 calls a day.

It helped us standardise output formats of reports that was needed by department heads.

It helped us keep a track on what is done and what needs to be done in a outbound call campaign.

CALLEY today is used by businesses like us across the globe and helping them focus on the main task to achieve without the distraction of manual dialing. Get your Free CALLEY account today.